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    Corelle is the web mistress/administrator for YaoiFix. For login trouble, or if you have questions not answered in the FAQs, you may contact her either through the Forum's FAQ & Troubleshooting area or through her email.

    Corelle also writes original fiction series and shorts under the pen name Audie Jinks. Most are dark fantasy and science fiction, and feature a mix of sexual orientations and relationships, realistic unreality, and human motivations, all of which are published through web serialization on her site: Adopted Axiom.

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    Rin Sparrow has loved art and writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil and began writing Buffy and yaoi fanfiction in 2004. She launched Yaoifix (and married!) in 2006, just before hopping on a plane to Osaka, Japan. Her and her hubby returned to the States in 2009 and moved across the country from Chicago to San Francisco. When she’s not writing she can be found painting, reading, and planning her next traveling venture!

    Blue GhostGhost resides in the rainy Northwest with her partner and their dogs Gremlin and Poptart. They live in a tiny loft above a storefront gallery full of taxidermy, succulents and books. She began writing fiction during a bout of insomnia in graduate school and has since completed several short stories and novels. Writing a science fiction serial has been one of her lifelong dreams and she could not be more thrilled to be on Yaoifix! Blue GhostGhost also publishes under the name of Celeste Spettro.
    Stories: Swallowed by the Whale

    Ginn Hale's debut book, Wicked Gentlemen (2007, Blind Eye Books), a book made up of two closely connected novellas blending elements of the steampunk, paranormal, gay romance and suspense genres, won the 2008 Gaylactic Spectrum Award for best novel, in addition to being selected as a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award the same year. She then collaborated with Astrid Amara and Nicole Kimberling on two shared-world anthologies for Loose Id, called Hell Cop and Hell Cop 2. In 2010 she returned to Blind Eye Books to release Lord of the White Hell Books One and Two. In 2011 she released a 10 part serialized novel titled The Rifter.'
    Stories: Shy Hunter

    Twisted Hilarity came to writing later in life; she finished school, got married, and had kids before she finished her first romance. That first story wasn’t a huge project, just a light-hearted Inuyasha fanfiction that her husband dared her to post online. He had more faith in her writing than she did! And after that, she couldn’t stop writing. Romantic straight fanfiction, gay romantic fanfiction, and then came the reams of original gay romances that haunted her until she jotted them down. The writing bug may have bitten her late, but she thinks it made up for it in strength, because she can’t imagine anything more fun than a day spent outside in the sunshine with nothing to do but write. So whenever she get the chance, that’s what she does!
    Stories: Husbands for Peace

    ID Locke (aka Iron Dog) has been married for more than twenty years, has a grown son and is now a grandma twice over. She has an exceptionally dirty mind filled with kinky possibilities and enjoys writing hot man-on-man sex (with Plot no less) for her own amusement and the entertainment of others. She works, writes, and knits, squeezing reading and some anime/TV watching in there somewhere. She also enjoys creating clothes and jewelry for the ball-jointed-dolls she has turned into many of the characters from her novels. She’s blunt, sarcastic, and not afraid to speak her mind. Music is one of her loves, and she often listens to her rather eclectic collection while writing to help the creative juices flow.

    ID Locke writes original male/male fiction, most often with sci-fi/fantasy or paranormal content. She is published through Torquere Press. ID Locke also posts free fiction to her author Livejournal. There are one-shots and works-in-progress posted there.
    Stories: Some Velvet Morning & Dreaming of the Void

    Moms Dark Secret is a married mother of two grown daughters, MomsDarkSecret has been producing yaoi fan fiction and original fiction for the past eight years. Initially posting stories on-line at a couple of different fiction sites, she began self-publishing original works two years ago. MomsDarkSecret primarily writes fantasy stories which include a male/male romance as a primary component. Her passion is creating exciting fantasy worlds and memorable characters. She is a software engineer by profession and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for twenty-five years. Visit her website at Dark Secret Books to find links to her posted stories and published works.
    Stories previously on YF: Tentacles of Love & Hostage

    Megan Derr is a long time resident of m/m fiction, and keeps herself busy reading, writing, and publishing it. She is often accused of fluff and nonsense. She loves to hear from readers, and can be found all around the internet.
    Author Website
    Stories: (previously on YF) Wriggle & Sparkle

    Llyzsm2 is a project manager in the UK who stumbled into the world of slash writing while in university and has maintained an obsession ever since. When not devouring endless works of fiction she can be found experimenting in the kitchen or, if all all else fails, the pub. Llyzsm2 has a penchant for fantasy writing and an abiding love for fairy tales, which somehow seem to worm their way into her work when she's not looking.

    Her fiction can be found on Fiction Press and at her LiveJournal!
    Stories: Peter and the Wolf & Spring Heeled Jack

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    Darkn2ght aka ‘Dark’ likes to draw and sleeps like a log in a thunderstorm—snores like one too (so she heard friends say), loves bishie and fries equally (what?!) can be contacted via dA or email.

    TheArtistLee is an odd Canadian female specimen. She lives/lurks in a basement, occasionally emerging from her hovel to purchase junk food, and spends most of her time drawing, writing and playing video games. Lee has a great love of comic books and all things nerdy. Her influence in style is a strong mix of Western and Japanese drawing and storytelling. Feed her chocolate and she will love you lots. Contact her at her email.
    Stories: Wizard Ways

    Hamlet Machine is the creator of the webcomic Starfighter and other creative endeavors. She is currently working on a game set in the Starfighter universe. You can find info on her comics and other works on her tumbler here. She's also on Twitter!

    Yayoi Neko’s manga career was first established by the independent publishers Radio Comix, in their now defunct anthology "mangaphile". The first stages of "Tobias" were planted there, and she plans to cultivate it into a series in the future. She was then intrigued by Radio's Yaoi Anthology "Dangerous" to try out a "Yaoi" story featuring a couple characters she'd made up in high school, Judas and Lenny from "INCUBUS". Later on, in Grad School, she worked with Antarctic Press and they published her first manga book of "INCUBUS" #1. When she was ready to get the 2nd volume published, it was picked up by Kitty media/Media Blasters (with much help from friend/associate, John). Since then, she has worked on INCUBUS up to #3, and is thinking of ending the yaoi series at maybe volume #6 or so. She has done a couple self-publishings such as "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson". And she is going to work on some selected chapters of classic literature to encourage the masses to read more books not on the best-sellers list >_< ...She cannot explain why this is such a concern of hers, but she will see how the project proceeds in the future. You can follow her on her Tumblr.

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