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The Apartment by Rin Sparrow
Valentine's Special 2010! Eric's never had much luck on Valentine's Day. So when he shows up at the right address for his blind date only finding the wrong man living there, it seems par for the course. Only this man is naked - and inviting him inside... Maybe his luck is about to change? Completed: 2/14/10, Word Count: 4,713
Artful Devices by Llyzsm2
Final Francis and Doyle installment! Just when Francis and Doyle think they can take a respite, someone has the East India Company suspecting them both of treason! Don't miss the conclusion of our favorite London men! (Begun in Spring Heeled Jack!) Completed: 2016
Bachelor's Grove By Rin Sparrow
Seth and Kurt are on the hunt for Halloween spooks, but they have very different ideas about where to find them. Seth isn't crazy about truly haunted places, but Kurt's hard to resist when he wants something...! Completed: 11/4/17, Word Count: 3,611
The Beast Slayer By Rin Sparrow
Warrior Wulf is a straight-spoken man of truth, of righteousness, but nothing in the King’s court is what it seems. Now, burdened with a heart in mourning and an unwanted bed slave, he will have to face a new menace, a voice from the shadows enspelling him, and seducing him, toward his doom. Completed 12/17, Word Count: 55.184 *Now available on ebook and paperback at Amazon.
Beloved Destiny By ID Locke
For all fans of Some Velvet Morning or Dreaming of the Void- or any other of ID Locke's stories- here come some new shorts set in her amazing universes! (And if you are looking for a previous week's short, its in the archives!).
Bookends by Rin Sparrow
Finn is blond, gorgeous, and hopelessly in love with one of the patrons at his bookstore—yet too shy to do anything about it. A common love for poetry may bring them together, but will they be able to find their own happy ending? Completed: 9/9/07, Word Count: 14,686
The Boys of Dorm D by Rin Sparrow
The shy and sensitive Kashi Murakami only wants to be left alone, the class playboy at his new boarding school has other plans. Warning: Contains dub-con Completed: 8/7/10 (revised Dec '13), Word Count: 137,402
The Break-Up Expert by Rin Sparrow
Guy and Ken have a good thing going, but all that is about to change when Guy's old habits begins to creep up again. Will he learn, or be doomed to repeat his break-ups again and again? Completed: 9/24/10, Word Count: 11,556
Brotherly Love by ID Locke
An Awh'anise short where one brother goes into heat unexpectedly (or maybe not) and the siblings who takes pity on him! (Includes the character Zesiro, which some may know from other works by ID Locke aka Iron Dog).
Captive by Rin Sparrow
As a young freedom fighter, Gage risked everything for the cause he believed in. When he is finally caught and imprisoned, however, his spirit struggles to survive against the interrogator determined to force him into submission. Warning: dark themes, non-con/rape. Completed: 2/3/07 (epilogue revised in Aug 10), Word Count: 14,012
Christmas for Two by Rin Sparrow
Holiday Special 2014! Toby and Stephan have been dating nearly a year, but things aren't progressing the way Toby hoped. Throw in Stephan's ex-boyfriend and this Christmas might turn out anything but Merry! (Sequel to Table for Two) Completed: 12/25/14, Word Count: 4,671
Clockwork Trigger by Llyzsm2
Francis and Doyle are still in London and teaming up again to help hunt down whomever is behind a faulty firearms scheme, but Doyle's past might endanger both the mission and their lives. Sequel to Spring Heeled Jack but can be read as stand alone. Completed: 04/13/16
The Disciplinarian by Rin Sparrow
Jules has taken on the challenge of a lifetime, to tame and polish the young, indulgent Prince Lucien into a man. Completed: 5/22/10, Word Count: 33,286
Dreaming of the Void by guest author ID Locke
Tyhlain is a dangerous fugitive slowly being driven insane by the voices of those he assassinated. Dakvir is a world-class negotiator yet shunned by his own people-a taboo child never meant to be born. The last thing they expect to find is each other. Warning: contains BDSM Completed: 01/16/15, Word Count: 346,587
The Dungeon by Rin Sparrow
The most exclusive sex club in the city has a little something for everyone, as long as you're wealthy enough to afford to be a sexy dom or an eager sub! Completed: 5/4/12, Word Count: 23,653
A Haunting by Rin Sparrow
Dev doesn't believe in ghosts, but the creepy old colonial house in New England that he and his friends rent is definitely putting that belief to the test- and the insufferable and handsome Art is putting Dev's patience to the test! What happened to vacations being relaxing? Completed: 11/8/13, Word Count: 7,304
The Hollow by Rin Sparrow
A retelling of Washington Irving classic tale, with a twist! Originally completed: 11/10/07 (revised Oct '13), Word Count: 7,074
Home For The Holidays by Rin Sparrow
When Oliver agrees to drive with his cranky brother-in-law to see the family for Christmas, he knows it isn't going to end well. Throw in a snow storm, a cabin with faulty heat, and it's a recipe for disaster—and romantic complications he never could've anticipated! Completed: 12/27/13, Word Count: 5,427
How to Seduce an Angel by Rin Sparrow
As a lust demon, Asmodeus thoroughly enjoys his work—but after a run of bad luck, he needs the opportunity of the century to redeem himself. Good thing for him he's just found it! Completed: 06/05/15, Word Count: 28,118
Husband's for Peace by guest author Twisted Hilarity
Jovi Calathus and Noah Ashfield are about to be married, but an alliance made to cement the peace between their planets is going to be anything but peaceful. Warning: contains dub-con Completed: 5/2014, Word Count: 388,000
Now available on Ebook.
Infernal Instruments by guest author Llyzsm2
Francis and Doyle are once again on the job in London, and once again in trouble! Only this time it's Doyle who has to come to the rescue- and against the Dyer gang! Can he make it on time? Or will this case come to a deadly close? Sequel to Spring Heeled Jack and Clockwork Trigger
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