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Paradise Club by Rin Sparrow
Koyo and Haru are headliners at Paradise Club, a downtown strip club where they put on a weekly sex show. While navigating the drama between the other strippers and the good-looking but sarcastic club owner, Haru and Koyo must try to come to terms with their relationship and their struggle toward their dreams. Completed: 11/13; *Currently in REVISIONS* Word Count: 63,968
Peter and the Wolf by llyzsm2
Peter travels with his grandfather selling their cheese town to town in his caravan. Their life is anything but exciting— until rumors begin of a beast following them in the woods. Could it be one of the dreaded fellwolves Peter's heard tell of? And do they really love cheese? Completed: 10/12/12, Word Count: 8,478
The Proposal by Rin Sparrow
Valentine's Special 2017! A short and sweet oneshot about a very unusual reaction to a very special question. Hope you enjoy! 2/10/17, Word Count: 782
Queen's Night by Rin Sparrow
Once a year all the young men and women of the aristocracy participate in an evening of secret confessions and kisses, but Joshua has sworn not to take part. His heart already belongs to another, without hope of reciprocation. But on this special night, will his wishes come true? Completed: 08/09, Word Count: 9,738
The Red Hood by Rin Sparrow
Lord Wickford is a nobleman - rich, handsome, possessed of much secret occult knowledge, and terribly bored when he is not on a case. When a young lycanthrope seeks him out for help, however, he may just have found the one thing to keep his attention. Completed: Vol1 (ch1-5) 12/27/09; Vol2 full version 4/6/12, Word Count: 37,447
The Rites of Spring by Rin Sparrow
Yuki is unaware of what fate has in store for him on the night of the Spring Festival, but when the village Seer comes seeking him, the young man will find himself pulled into a world of esoteric ritual and sexual mystery that will lead him on the path towards his destiny. Completed: 9/23/06, Word Count: 12,986
Safe Harbor by Rin Sparrow
In a city where vampires are treated like drug addicts and second class citizens, there's one place they can go to get some blood without judgement. Elliot happens to work at the blood bank and when Nick comes in, he finds it hard to stick to the rules. Completed: 10/27/17, Word Count: 8,617
Shy Hunter by Ginn Hale
David thought coming out as gay was hard, but it was nothing compared to telling his family he'd become a werewolf. Ever since he has struggled to control the beast within. But with the same man who attacked and turned him now stalking David’s lover, he may have no choice but to embrace his dangerous nature. Originally published in the anthology Queer Wolf, Ginn has been kind enough to let us host with amazing story! Completed: 10/31/12, Word Count: 9,640
Sitting A Feisty Stallion by ID Locke
Love comes in all forms, especially when it comes to magical beings and shape-shifting pooka!
Society of the Scarlet Butterfly by Rin Sparrow
Ireland, 1700's. On All Hallows Eve, young Keeley Finnegan will be swept up into a world of supernatural intrigue and ecstasy. Completed: 06/14, Word Count: 133,635
Some Velvet Morning by ID Locke
Twin brothers, Makis and Mered, are content with one another, until they meet Kushaiah while escaping a beast in the Awh'anise desert and they realize their world might be large enough for three- but deciding they want him might be the least of their problems! Completed: 2017
The Spoils of War by Rin Sparrow
Ara has been forced to join his father on his latest military campaign. Naïve and bratty, Ara demands that one of the new captives become his personal slave. When he chooses a tall, dark warrior to serve him, Ara may find that his issues with his father are the least of his problems! Completed: 4/11/10, Word Count: 62,949
Spring Heeled Jack by Llyzsm2
Rumors are swarming around London of a mysterious menace who attacks young women in the street, known as the Spring Heeled Jack. Francis is hired to track down this man—or creature—but the task proves anything but simple when he realizes an old flame may be involved. Completed: 11/28/14, Word Count: 16,515
Star-Crossed by Rin Sparrow
When Captain Bredhe unwittingly agrees to transport two off-world political prisoners on his ship, he never expects to become embroiled in their struggles - or lose his heart to one of them. Completed: 6/7/13, Word Count: 244,169
Stolen Away by Rin Sparrow
A young thief gets more than he bargained for when he unknowingly steals from a powerful man with ties to the underworld. Warning: dub-con Completed: 8/26/11; revision 2016
Swallowed By The Whale by Blue Ghost Ghost
When Prince Lazarus finds himself abroad the ship of the notorious pirate Noah Skylark, recovering from being in the belly of a whale might be the least of his problems. He must find a way to return to his own world before war breaks out, and figure out just whose side the attractive Captain Skylark is really on. Completed: 10/16, Word Count: 84,279
The Sweetest Revenge by Rin Sparrow
A year after the events of Queen's Night, Philippe's reign as the top playboy is being threatened by a newcomer - but his challenger my have more up his sleeve than he's letting on. Completed: 7/8/11, Word Count: 17,385
Table for Two by Rin Sparrow
Valentine's Day special one-shot! Tobias just wants to be have a nice dinner out…alone. The handsome stranger seated beside him has other plans. Completed: 2/14/13, Word Count: 4,168
Tentacles of Love by Mom's Dark Secret
Lieutenant Shaun Avery is assigned as liaison to an alien ambassador, only to discover that the ambassador, a tentacle-covered amphibian, likes to have sex with human men. The position may be a promotion, but somehow Shaun always ends up on the bottom! Completed: 11/7/14, Word Count: 83,882
*Now available at Moms Dark Secret website.
Treats and Tricks by Rin Sparrow
Halloween Treat 2011! David has a taste for sweets, but this Halloween the trick is on him! Completed: 10/31/11, Word Count: 3,423
The Tutor by Rin Sparrow
Liam has always done what was expected of him and been an example of a proper young man in high society, but when fate puts him in the path of the handsome, sometimes infuriating, Adaine, Liam begins to question the rules he was raised with and his life is about to change forever. Completed: 12/24/15, Word Count: 34,047
Vamp Tramp by Rin Sparrow
Halloween Special 2010! After a drunken night forgetting his woes, David realizes they have only just begun - and he has the bite marks to prove it. Completed: 11/11/10, Word Count: 5,337
A Very Vamp Christmas by Rin Sparrow
Holiday Special 2012! It's David's first Christmas with his new boyfriend, Vince. Who just happens to be a blood-sucker - and the nicest guy David's ever dated! But when Vince starts blowing David off, Christmas might be anything but merry! Can they still work out a happy holiday ending? Completed: 12/31/12, Word Count: 4,180
Wizard Ways by TheArtistLee
Comic Format In Arice, sorcerers hold the keys of healing, but one local student is about to get more than he bargained for when he visits the local pharmacy. Completed: 11/7/14, Word Count: 285
Wren by Rin Sparrow
Shisa has only ever yearned for two things: freedom from the dusty life of his canyon village, and for Wren to notice him. His dreams may be closer than he realizes, but nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Completed: 11/11/10, Word Count: 14,887
Wriggle & Sparkle by Megan Derr
Detective Lynn Seymour is a kraken who works for the Bureau of Paranormal Security and has a reputation for crankiness. So when his new partner turns out to be a good-looking, sugar-loving unicorn, he tries to be on his best behavior. If only they didn't keep running into Anderson's ex's, it would be a lot easier. Now available at <3 Press
X Marks the Spot by Rin Sparrow
Straight-laced math expert Emile 'Emi' Jenkins is trying to forget his troubles with a South Seas cruise, but so far everything is going wrong and the dark stranger who keeps approaching him has more up his sleeve than he's letting on! Completed: 01/09, Word Count: 22,941

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