Brotherly Love

“Lashi, come on, wake up,” I hissed as I poked the lump under the blanket.

“Fuck off, Iro” was the mumbled reply.

“Lashi, I need to go home.”

A red-blonde head poked out from under the blankets. Dark blue eyes regarded me in annoyance. The annoyance faded away when Lashi saw the desperate look I knew was in my eyes. He sighed and sat up, rubbing sleep from his eyes. I knew I could be a little pain in the ass. I raised shit disturbing to an art form, but I’d been looking forward to this trip for ages. I wouldn’t be demanding to go home three days early if it wasn’t important. And Gods, but it was important.

“What’s got your tail in a knot, Shay-shon?”

I frowned at the term of endearment; it was something you called a child or a lover. I was neither. Lashi just did things like that to annoy me and lord over the fact that he was six years older than me and already a full Shal-hazal, not some novice still in training. I would have punched him for that, but I was going to be needing him desperately soon.

“I have to go home. I have to see Igasho,” I said with tension in my voice.

“You woke me up to tell me you needed to go play with your current boy toy? Jerk off like Von and me if you want some action. I swear, one of these days, I’m gonna fucking kill you, Zesiro, for being the little pain in the ass you are.”

“It’s not that,” I protested, stung. “I miscounted, okay? I need to see Igasho. Right now.”

“You miscounted? Iro what… Oh, fuck. You sure?”

“Of course I’m sure,” I snapped. “I woke up to take a piss and felt the tingles start. I have to leave now and you know Sho will kill us all if I leave by myself. She only agreed to let Zivon and me go on this trip if you came with us. We have to leave now, Lashi.”

“Zesiro, it’s a two day trek to get home from here. Even if we run most of the way, it’ll still be a day and a half. I’m pretty sure this isn’t something a Shal-hazal Spirit would come get you for. If the tingles just started, you’ll still be okay for a while, and it’s not life or death. Yet. How did you fuck this up?”

“I don’t know. I must have lost some days when I was Dream-Walking.”

Lashi cursed softly under his breath as he stared at me. I was just starting a breeding cycle, but I’d never be able to make it two full days without mating. I’d go insane from the want. My body heat would rise to dangerous levels until it literally cooked my brain. Technically, I could probably make it for two days but I’d be cutting it dangerously close and going into cycle while delirious with want and fever was a really bad idea not only for me but also for whomever I took as a partner. Injures were common during a cycle but usually not life threatening. Fevered and desperate to breed would change that drastically.

Lashi looked at the bundle of blankets that was my twin, Zivon, and knew there’d be no help for me there. While Zivon loved me deeply, he wouldn’t love me in the way I needed right now. I knew the exact instant the horrible possibility of Zivon and me being synched in cycle occurred to Lashi. Identical twins sometimes shared their breeding times. That would be epic bad for Zivon.

“Are you guys synched in cycle?” Lashi asked in a worried tone.

“No, Von’s still a month or so from his cycle I think. Lashi? What am I going to do? I don’t think I can make it two days. I haven’t had enough of them to be able to deal with the clawing need.”

“No, you probably can’t,” agreed Lashi as he ran a hand through his hair and sighed heavily. “We’ll head home today but first, we need to take care of you. Come here, Iro.”

I moved into the open arms of my older brother and groaned in relief when I felt Lashi’s hands stroke down my back. The painful pleasure of the tingles that signalled the start of a cycle eased under the caress of Lashi’s hands. I closed my eyes in relief as Lashi nuzzled my neck and placed small biting kisses on my throat. A shiver moved through me when Lashi licked the pointed edge of my ear. How the hell did he know I liked that? We’d never fucked before or even fooled around. Not that we wouldn’t have if the opportunity came up. It just never had.

“I know you top Igasho and pretty much anybody else who finds their way into your bed, Iro, but this time, you’re gonna be my bottom,” Lashi said softly into my ear.

I stiffened and tried to pull back. Lashi held me tightly and refused to let go. He was bigger and stronger than me, but I could probably eventually get free if I really tried. I didn’t want to fight. I needed to fuck, and Lashi was the only option I had at the moment. I wasn’t lost in the blinding need to screw yet and could still think rationally about my options. I stopped resisting. I could bottom this one time. It wouldn’t kill me, and it had to be at least halfway pleasurable since all the guys I banged seemed to enjoy my dick up their asses. Okay, I was good in bed, but still. Sharp teeth nipped the sensitive tips of my pointed ears and made me hiss at the sting and the erotic little pain. Damn, Lashi was good.

“No way, Lashi. I always top.” I still had to try one last time to top.

“Not this time, baby bro. Besides, you need to learn how good it feels to bottom. You won’t win every mating fight. You might even want to throw a few once you find out how good it feels. Because I’m your brother and I love you, I’ll even give you the added bonus of pearling for you. Trust me, Shay-shon, you’ll love it.”

I honestly wasn’t opposed to being the bottom. I was simply used to being top, and I liked taking that role. Since I’d started mating fights, I hadn’t been beaten. As the winner, it was my choice of whether I topped or bottomed. I could fight Lashi for the right to choose, but he was six-years-older than me, out-weighed me, and had more fighting experience.

I was also curious, now that Lashi brought up the subject of pearling. I’d given it as a top countless times, but now, I wondered just how it felt being on the receiving end. Igasho seemed to enjoy it a lot. Hell, he screamed with pleasure almost every time I fucked him, something I was damn proud of. Lashi was my brother, and I trusted him to not only give me relief but pleasure as well. I would’ve preferred that Zivon was the one to give me that relief, but my twin absolutely refused to either screw or be screwed by a male. He was kinda weird that way. Then again, I was seen as weird because I refused to screw females. For a species that was predominately bi-sexual, we were both seen as a little strange. We really were two halves of a whole.

“Okay, Lashi. Show me what you got,” I said with a smirk. I could totally do this. Probably.

Lashi laughed and pulled at the ties to the loose pants I was wearing. My breathing quickened, and I hurried to help shuck my clothes. Once I was naked, I waited to see what Lashi wanted me to do. It felt a little strange to me to not to be the one in charge, but I could roll with it. I was good at adapting to rapidly changing situations. All my Shal-hazal instructors said so. Fine, they hadn’t been talking about sexual situations, but whatever.

“Hands and knees, Iro,” Lashi commanded as he moved to the packs and rifled through the contents until he came up with the flavoured oil we used for cooking.

“Good thing Sho packed this for us, or you’d be having a real rough go,” Lashi said with a soft chuckle.

I rolled my eyes at him. Like rough sex would ever be a problem. We Awh’anise lived for aggressive sex. Tingles moved over my skin and my desire climbed higher.

“I need to loosen you up, Iro—especially since this’ll be your first time taking a cock. Just relax and let yourself go. I’ll take care of you and make sure it’s good for you. Curl your tail around my arm. It’s easier than you holding it out of the way the whole time,” Lashi instructed in a soft voice as he ran his hands gently over my skin.

I did what Lashi told me, my trust in him absolute. A thrill wound through my belly at the open, submissive posture I was in. My hole was now exposed, and with my tail twisted around Lashi’s arm, I couldn’t quickly flick it down to protect myself from being invaded. The erotic factor of the position I was in jumped at least ten percent for me. Huh. I’d have never guessed I’d get an extra jolt of lust from feeling exposed and vulnerable to a lover. Cool.

I wondered why Igasho never curled his tail around my arm when we fucked in this position. Maybe he didn’t know about it. I hadn’t thought about it, but then I wasn’t the one typically getting fucked. The gentle touch of Lashi’s oil slicked fingers over my hole made me twitch and forget all about Igasho before I closed my eyes from the pleasure of the slippery slide back and forth.

Lashi eased his finger inside me. My tail instinctively squeezed and released his arm at the entry. Lashi pressed forward until his finger was buried to the last knuckle inside me. I looked over my shoulder at Lashi and saw his nipples tighten as the rings of muscles in my ass gave a wave-like squeeze to his finger. Lashi drew his finger back and began to slowly finger me open. Stars, that felt amazing.

I knew it felt good to have something in my ass. I’d fingered my ass when jerking off countless times before. I’d also had a lover finger me as he sucked me off. A little moan of pleasure left me, and I wiggled my hips for more, the need I was feeling from my cycle making me impatient. I growled a protest when Lashi’s finger left me. The growl turned into a purr when two fingers replaced the one. Oh yeah. That was even better. I began rocking my body in time with Lashi’s thrusts. When Lashi pushed hard into me and curled his fingers, stroking over my prostate, I groaned at the burst of pleasure. My balls drew up tight and pressure built in my groin. I was going to go off like a rocket in the next two minutes if he kept that up.

I knew Lashi could feel the tension rise in me. He pressed on my prostate at the same time that he gripped the base of my tail and squeezed hard. My head snapped up, and my eyes widened as release slammed into me. I snarled my pleasure, and my talons extended as I dug furrows through the soft ground. I had no idea that I could be shoved so quickly into orgasm from the base of my tail being squeezed. It felt like Lashi pushed the orgasm through the base of my tail and out my cock. My chest heaved as I tried to catch my breath, and my balls almost hurt from the pleasure of my release. By all the gods above and below, that felt so fucking good it was a miracle I didn’t pass out from the pleasure.

Lashi groaned as my body contracted and released around the fingers he had buried in my ass. We both knew that orgasm wouldn’t give me relief. It was more like the body acknowledging that a cycle had started. There was also the matter that it hadn’t been actual dick-in-ass penetration. Until I either had a cock up my ass dumping a load inside me or I popped a load into someone, the need to screw would continue to build inside me.

Zivon woke from a light sleep at the noise of me growling in completion. My twin rolled over to see me on my hands and knees, naked and panting. My cock was still erect, and I knew Zivon could smell my release in the early morning air. Lashi knelt behind me, also naked and sporting an erection. Zivon had a clear view of Lashi fingering me and shook his head and rolled his eyes at me.

“Did you fuck up counting your cycle again? It’s not that hard to remember, Iro.”

“Shut it, Von. Unless you want to fuck me or let me fuck you, just shut up and let Lashi get on with helping me out,” I panted, aroused and annoyed. It wasn’t like I screwed up my counting that often.

Zivon snickered at my predicament, the bastard. I knew he wouldn’t do anything sexual with me. Not for lack of trying on my part although it was more a teasing thing than serious attempts to get our freaks on with each other. Zivon just didn’t swing that way, and I’d never, ever force anything sexual on him.

If Zivon and I had been alone on the trip, he would have submitted to me because the need would have been desperate. I knew Zivon found it hilarious that the one time when he would have actually allowed me to fuck him, there was another male around willing and able to provide relief. I was sure that I’d later think it was funny, but right now, there was a tiny bit of annoyance for missing the opportunity because Lashi was with us.

“I’ll be down by the creek fishing for breakfast. I don’t think I’ll get any more sleep the way Iro screams when he comes. Have fun, guys,” Zivon said as he rolled from his blankets, grabbed the fishing gear and headed for the creek.

I heard Lashi’s quiet laughter as he continued to leisurely finger me. I found myself torn between annoyance with both of them for finding humour at my expense and delight for the way Lashi continued to make my body hum with pleasure. Need still flowed through me, but the sharp and desperate edge had been taken off with that first orgasm. That wouldn’t last long, but it was nice to have the driving urge taken down a level even briefly.

“Your twin is a cruel bastard,” Lashi said with laughter still in his voice.

“Yeah, but I love him anyway. Are you finished playing with my ass yet? I really need to be fucked, Lashi.”

“I know, Shay-shon. Almost done teasing your ass,” Lashi said as he pushed a third finger into me.

I moaned in delight, and a shiver moved through my body. I panted, lust building quickly once more, as Lashi slowly fingered me and stretched my hole open. I could hear Lashi’s quickened breathing and smell the arousal we were both giving off. When Lashi slowly drew his fingers free, I groaned a protest and tilted my hips, silently begging him not to stop.

I heard Lashi draw in a deep breath and knew he was relaxing his control over the pearls. I whined softly in anticipation as I thought about the three rows of bumps that would form along the length of Lashi’s cock. Lashi waited until the pearls reached full size to maximize my pleasure because he was awesome like that. The squelching sounds as he slicked his cock with more oil made my dick throb and my hole contract and release in anticipation. He rubbed the head of his cock against my loosened opening several times before pressing in. My body instinctively resisted the intrusion for a few seconds before I made myself relax and accept his cock.

We both groaned as he pressed into my ass. Me, from the slight burn of my ass being stretched open wider than it had ever been. Lashi, from the tight feel of my virgin ass gripping him and, undoubtedly, the pleasure of feeling the pearls on his cock being stimulated. Feeling the first few pearls on my brother’s cock slip into me had me sucking in a sharp breath at how good that felt. Hell, yeah. This was so going on my do again list.

The slow slide of my brother’s pearled cock into my ass was mind-blowing. When Lashi was at last fully seated in my ass, he wound his tail around my cock and draped himself over my back. Lashi purred in delight as my ass squeezed the length of his cock in appreciation for him finally being balls-deep. I shivered from the velvety roughness of his tail wrapped around my sensitive cock.

“Like the feel of cock up your ass, baby bro?” Lashi asked softly as he kissed the back of my neck and shoulders.

“Yes, I like cock up my ass. No, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner when it feels so damn amazing. Start fucking me, Lashi. My balls ache, and I need to come again,” I growled as I wiggled my hips.

Lashi nipped my neck and laughed softly as he straightened and began to pump my ass in slow, strong strokes. The pearls on Lashi’s cock rubbed me in all the right ways, and I could see easily becoming addicted to how fantastic they felt. The pearls also released Sliaru, a neuro-stimulant that heightened arousal for both parties and, in the case of females being on the receiving end, damn near guaranteed fertilization when they were in cycle.

Ecstasy exploded through me, and I whined deep in my throat. The thick pleasure of Lashi filling my ass easily doubled as the Sliaru hit my system and the pearls stimulated my insides. Lashi changed the angle of his thrusts slightly, and I gasped as my prostate was rubbed hard. The tail wrapped around my cock squeezed and released in time with the thrusts in my ass. I felt Lashi’s talons pierce the skin on my hips and blood scented the air, pushing both our arousals higher.

“Come for me, Iro,” Lashi demanded in a husky voice.

I shuddered at the desire-heavy demand and pushed myself back onto Lashi’s cock. I rocked forward as arousal climbed higher through my body. The puffy tip of Lashi’s tail brushed back and forth, teasing the dripping head of my cock. Soft growls of desire trickled from me as I fucked myself on my brother’s cock. The pearls on Lashi’s cock and the Sliaru rushing through my system hurled me to my peak faster than I’d ever reached it before.

A long, satisfied growl left me as my cock spurted onto the leaves on the forest floor. I heard my brother’s pleasured moan from feeling my ass clench during release and cried out passionately when Lashi roughly pumped my ass a half dozen times before he stiffened and growled with his own release. I whimpered at the feel of Lashi’s cock pulsing in my ass and let my head drop forward as I panted harshly. My arms and legs trembled, and a rushing noise filled my ears. I let my eyes slide shut as I enjoyed the ecstasy the Sliaru produced. I discovered that it was a high that was powerful no matter if I was on the giving or receiving end. I honestly couldn’t have said which I liked better if my life had depended on the answer.

Lashi draped himself over my back and panted softly against my neck. He rubbed his cheek against mine and gave a quick lick to my ear lobe. I shivered under him, and the muscles of my ass rippled in reaction along the length of Lashi’s softening cock. I did not want his dick to leave my ass. It felt way too fucking good exactly where it was. I was also still incredibly aroused from the combination of my cycle and the Sliaru still running through me.

“Feel a little better now?” Lashi asked softly as he continued to drop little kisses over my shoulders and neck, his hands gently stroking my skin.

“Yeah. Thanks, Lashi. I should be good for a bit. If we fuck again real quick before we head for home, we can probably make good time although we will need to stop pretty often for you to drill my hole.”

“You saying you want me to take your ass again?” Lashi asked in surprise as his cock slowly slipped free of me.

I made a small sound of protest over that. I still felt really, really aroused. That was a combo of my cycle and the Sliaru. He probably shouldn’t have pearled me since Sliaru made a person crazy aroused, and someone in cycle was already in that state. I didn’t care though as it had been amaze-balls. I would still need relief in the next few minutes though as Sliaru typically needed another orgasm to burn away the residuals. I was so totally up for that.

“I liked it a lot, Lashi. I didn’t think I would. I don’t think I’d like it as much with Igasho though. He’s a total bottom, but you’re my big brother, and I figure there’s still stuff you can show me about bottoming. Like that tail thing. That was beyond cool. Besides, I never realized the pearls would feel that good on the receiving end. I wanna feel that again. No wonder Igasho screams damn near every time I fuck him.”

“You pearl the poor bastard every time you fuck him? No wonder he always wants to bottom for you, Iro,” Lashi said with a laugh as he sat back on his heels, pulling me with him so that my back was to his chest.

Lashi moved his tail from my cock and replaced it with his hand. He started to jerk me fast and hard and had me panting and thrusting my hips in seconds. Fuck, yes. His other hand pinched and tugged on my nipple making me arch into him. In no time flat, my balls drew up, and my cock spurted ribbons of seed in an arc before splattering on the leaves between my slightly spread legs. I made happy sounds in my throat at the intense release and needed to wait a few minutes before I could get words to form in my brain. Gods, but I loved my brother.

“Thanks, Lashi. That was awesome, and I feel way better now. Igasho said it felt good the first time I pearled him, so I figured what the hell and kept doing it for him. It’s easier to not have to control myself, and I now know it feels fucking amazing to have your ass pearled,” I said as I relaxed into my brother’s arms and enjoyed the continued stroking of his hands over my still sensitive skin.

“Iro, you should learn some control. I know you’re planning on leaving to cause shit around the galaxy once your Shal-hazal training is complete. That’s fine, and have fun but other species may not react very well to the Sliaru. You could seriously hurt someone without meaning to.”

“What could be wrong with feeling pleasure?” I asked as I closed my eyes. The skin on skin contact was helping to further tamp down the desire that still moved through my system.

“Zesiro, you could kill someone. Haven’t you had the class about that yet? We don’t know how another species will react to Sliaru until they actually experience it. I’m not shitting you when I say you could accidently kill someone. It has happened. It’s rare, but it can be deadly to some other species. Just promise me that you’ll work on controlling the appearance of the pearls. It really isn’t hard to do when you’re not cycling.”

I nodded my head. I never thought that Sliaru could be dangerous to other species. Igasho was going to be damn disappointed that he won’t get pearled every time we fucked. A wicked smile kicked the corner of my mouth up when I thought of making Igasho beg for it. I was still lying in Lashi’s arms when Zivon came back half an hour later with a string of fish. Zivon dropped the fish at our feet and stood over us with his hands on his hips.

“Since you woke me up earlier and I did the work of catching breakfast, you two fuck toys can clean and cook them.”

Lashi laughed, and I stuck my tongue out at Zivon, but we set about cleaning and cooking the fish. It was a pretty fair deal, really. When Lashi took the plates down to the creek to wash up, I approached Zivon.

“Are you gonna be okay to travel, Iro?” Zivon asked as he hugged me and ran his hand down my back, knowing the simple skin on skin contact would help to curb the need to fuck that was going to rule my body for roughly the next two weeks.

“I’m good for now. Lashi’ll give me a quick screw before we head out. I didn’t do this on purpose, Von. I want to fuck you, you know that, but I wouldn’t put you in this kind of position. I’d never purposely put you in a situation where you’d have no choice about sex with me, Von, no matter how much I tease,” I said as I leaned into my brother’s caress.

“I know, Iro. You’re just an idiot who can’t count,” Zivon said as he ruffled my hair and stepped out of the loose embrace.

I narrowed my eyes at the teasing insult and tackled my twin to the ground. We growled and grappled as we rolled around the campsite. Laughter rang out as sharp talons tickled instead of slashed ribs. Lashi came back from his dish washing to find us wrestling around on the ground, hooting and laughing hysterically like four-year-olds on a sugar high. He dropped the dishes and dove into the fray, laughing and tickling along with us. Family was fun for all kinds of activities, even ones that weren’t sexual in nature.

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