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He would not be broken, of that Gage was certain. He braced himself for another blow and was struck hard across the face when he once again refused to answer the questions his interrogators put before him. Gage felt blood tickle down his chin from his split lip. Strapped in a chair with his hands bound painfully behind him, he was helpless to defend himself.

Though Gage was a young man—little older than a boy—he had been fully aware of the inherent dangers when he volunteered as a messenger and spy for his country. With his pale brown locks and light green eyes, Gage looked younger than his actual age and the older men were skeptical about how the frail-looking youth could be of any real use to the cause. However, the young man had proved surprisingly resourceful and gathered quite a bit of information before he was finally discovered loitering near the border area.

Now he was a prisoner, and there was only one thing he could do to ensure that all his efforts were not in vain: keep his mouth shut.

The large, burly man before him nodded to his partner, a knowing look between them, and left. A guard remained eying him from the shadows, a pistol in his grip. The brunette wasn’t sure what to make of the men’s departure. They had not been as cruel as they might have been and the boy wondered if they would wait to use hunger as their most effective weapon. However, something about the look they had shared unnerved him, as if they had come to a silent agreement to use something special to break his stubborn will.

Gage waited, breathing steadily to keep himself calm. His mind was groping for answers, but he couldn’t afford to lose control and let something slip. Calm, he told himself, you can get through this—you have to!

Some time later, Gage heard the sound of footsteps echoing down the hallway, coming towards his room. Whether he had waited had been minutes or hours, he couldn’t tell. It was difficult to judge time in the dim, windowless cell. The metal door creaked open and the young man squinted against the sudden light from the hallway. A figure stepped inside and the door shut again with a loud, ominous clang.

“Well, you’re a pretty little thing, aren’t you?” asked a sleek, dangerous voice.

Something about the man’s tone made Gage shudder with an unnamable dread. It was the voice of a predator, of a man untroubled by constraints of morality or fear. Stepping into the light, the boy saw that the voice belonged to a tall, darkly handsome man. He was thin and wiry, but Gage could see that the man held a quiet strength in his slender frame. Gage saw the emblems on the man’s uniform and knew he must be a high-ranking officer. The dark figure strode up to him with a cold, efficient grace, and smiled down at the young man.

Gage stared back at him defiantly. Even against the rising tide of anxiety swelling within him, the boy still remembered his honor and pride. He would not be cowed.The other man seemed pleased with Gage’s rebellious glare, and his smile broadened. He leaned down, disturbingly close, and whispered, “What a wonderful look in your eyes. So strong, so defiant.” The man brushed a finger across the Gage’s cheek and the boy involuntarily flinched at the touch. “We will have so much fun together,” he said, licking his lips.

Gage felt the stranger tremble with barely suppressed delight. The boy’s pulse quickened and a strange feeling curled in the pit of his stomach. What was this man planning to do to him? The young man was now certain he’d been handed over to a twisted sadist and he was stricken with all manner of terrifying images of cruelty and malice. Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself once more. If it was pain the man wanted to inflict, Gage would endure it. He’d been schooled in resisting many ways of torture and was still confident the man would be unable to break him.

Under the stranger’s knowing eyes, however, the boy would discover a new means of torture that no one had prepared him for.

The man straightened once more and tilted his head to the side, as if considering. “Where shall we start?” he said quietly to himself. “Guard,” he called after a moment, “please divest our lovely captive of his shirt.”

Without hesitancy, the guard obeyed, walking over to rip open the boy’s shirt, shoving it roughly down his arms.

Gage watched as his interrogator slid a single finger down the middle of his chest. For a moment their eyes locked, and the brunette felt hypnotized by the stranger’s midnight dark eyes, a sinking feeling growing in his gut. There was something indiscernible in the man’s gaze as he stood before him, looking down at his prisoner with a smug smile over his lips.

His heart pounding wildly, Gage felt the man’s fingers take hold of his chin and tip his head back. The boy’s green eyes went wide as the other man leaned down and, inexplicably, kissed him. The stranger’s mouth was warm and the pressure of his lips stirred something deep inside of him. Gage heard the other man murmur in pleasure as he licked away the blood from his broken lip. The kiss was firm, but not forceful, as if the dark man was so sure of his authority that he felt no need to demonstrate it.

Intuitively, Gage knew this was more than a kiss: it was a seal, a pledge, a chain. It would be years before the young man realized the full meaning of the promise in that kiss.

Gage shuddered. The kiss, so out of place, shook him. This would be no normal interrogation, and for the first time, his confidence faltered.

“You see,” the interrogator said softly, drifting his mouth along the young man’s neck as he spoke, “my weapons are rather unconventional.” With that, he latched his teeth onto the boy’s shoulder and bit down hard.

Shocked at this unexpected action, Gage cried out in alarm.

“Guard, come here,” the officer said, motioning the large man forward. “You’ve been on your feet for hours. I think you deserve a reward for your patience. Would you like to relieve yourself?” the dark man asked, eying the bulge in the guard’s pants suggestively. “The boy has a lovely, soft mouth. Perhaps you would care to use it?”

The large, muscular man smirked and adjusted himself.

“If he puts his dick in my mouth, I’ll bite it off,” Gage hissed.

His interrogator looked unperturbed. “If you do that,” he said, running a finger across the boy’s mouth, “then we’d have to knock out all your pretty teeth.” He punctuated his point by shoving his fingers past the young man’s lips and yanking violently at one of Gage’s molar’s until he gasped in pain.

The brunette hung his head and scowled. He had little doubt the dark stranger would carry through with his threat. Gage wavered. If he could survive, there was a chance that someday he would regain his freedom. He clung to the slim hope and decided he would give in to his captor’s demands. As long as he wasn’t forced to reveal his secrets and he could survive, he would endure anything.

Seeing the boy’s submissive posture, the man knew Gage had given in. “Go ahead,” he said, nodding to the guard as he yanked Gage’s head back roughly by his soft brown hair. “Enjoy yourself.”

“I will,” the other man said, speaking for the first time. Unbuckling his belt, he released his huge, pulsing shaft.

Gage shut his eyes.

The dark man’s hand continued to clutch his hair tightly as the guard rubbed the tip of his cock against the boy’s mouth, making his lips glisten with pre-cum. “Open,” the guard grunted.

When Gage hesitated, the officer nipped his neck roughly and ordered, “Be a good boy, open wide.”

Grudgingly, the young brunette parted his lips, admitting the guard’s formidable length. His jaw was stretched uncomfortably as the man forced his massive erection down his throat.

“Oh, yesss,” the guard moaned, feeling the boy’s reluctant warmth around him. Gage focused all his concentration on relaxing his muscles to avoid gagging as the man started to move inside his mouth. Thankfully, the guard was quickly overcome by the experience and lost control after only a few thrusts. He came with a groan, holding the brunette’s head between his large hands.

With his mouth stuffed, Gage had no choice but to swallow as the other man’s hot seed as it hit the back of his throat. When the guard finally pulled out, the boy fought down a wave of nausea. He couldn’t explain why, but he felt oddly betrayed by the dark interrogator who had so casually allowed another man to use him in such a manner. Would the boy have felt differently if he had been forced to pleasure the officer? Although it confused him, Gage knew the answer was yes.

The young brunette felt his interrogator’s fingers loosen and release his hair. His head drooped forward, eyes falling to the floor as his face flushed with shame at what he’d done. Without looking up, he heard the officer mutter something to the guard and heard the large man leave them. A finger tucked under his chin and lifted his face until Gage was staring into those unfathomable, onyx depths. An inscrutable smile spread over the officer’s face and Gage had the feeling that the man could somehow see right into his mind and thoughts. He squirmed.

“I’m going to enjoy breaking you.”

It was Gage’s turn to smile. “That will never happen. I can guarantee you that,” he said, his confidence renewed.

The other man’s demeanor and surety did not falter. “There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” he said.

With this disconcerting reply, the man turned and walked to the door.

“Oh, how rude of me,” the officer said, just as he was about to leave, “I forgot to tell you, my name is Radek. You’ll get to know it well when I make you scream for mercy.”

The door slammed shut.


During Gage’s first encounter with his captor, the man had never asked him a single question.

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