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Chapter 1: The Turret

“Open your mouth wider…Yesss, that’s it. Good boy.”

I drank in Leon’s praise and sucked with renewed vigor. God, his cock felt good humping my throat. There was nothing quite so good as a determined master with a nice, firm cock.

Leon’s hands gripped my hair, yanking just enough to send shivers down my back. I moaned and relaxed my throat as his hips swayed and he started fucking my mouth in earnest.

“Yes!” he gasped, his voice strained. Fuck, but it was amazing hearing someone’s voice crack as they came—especially when they came right in your mouth, their spunk shooting down your throat. I swallowed and swallowed as he dumped his load.

Finally, when he was depleted, Leon gave a sigh of satisfaction and pulled back, letting me nuzzle his still-stiff cock with my face just the way he knew I liked. I leisurely sucked at the tip, licking the last drops of come as he settled back into his chair.

“Now, where were we?” he asked, his voice already returning to normal. I stood and moved back around to the chair waiting for me in front of his desk. I didn’t bother putting my clothes back on. I enjoyed being naked and sprawled in the chair with my legs spread. Maybe Leon would fuck me before our appointment was over, if I enticed him enough.

“So, you plan on renewing your membership with us then?” Leon asked with a sexy grin.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied with pseudo-meekness.

“Very good. Shall I keep your preferences the same? Any special services?”

“No, Sir. I’m quite content with the way things have been these last two months.”

“Very good. Then I will see you next month.”

I pouted, a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to be fucked, but that was all right.

I picked up my clothes and headed to the door.

“Oh, Kiley,” Leon called as I reached for the knob. He stood and walked over to stand before me. He was tall and nicely built, and you had to love a man in a well-tailored suit.

He kissed my cheek and smacked my bare ass. “It’s a delight to have you as a member, you know. Go enjoy yourself for a while.” He winked and turned back to his desk.

I grinned. I knew I was a good lay, but it was especially gratifying to have Leon express his enjoyment.

He was, after all, the head of The Dungeon—an extremely exclusive sex club in the heart of the wealthiest district in the city. And no wonder—the annual dues to be a member were out of range of the average person. But money alone didn’t get you into The Dungeon. It took a lot more than that.

For one, you had to be referred by a member. Then there were the monthly medical screenings to ensure your health and that of the other members. And of course, when you renewed your membership, you were required to have a personal meeting with Leon himself. I rather enjoyed it, since Leon was a magnificent top, though I always wondered what happened during his meetings with the dominants of the club.

I shrugged and walked out into the hallway, where one of Leon’s assistants was waiting for me. The assistants didn’t engage in sex with any of the members. I suppose there had to be a few men working there that had to make sure things were running as they should without getting distracted. Though it was a shame, considering they were usually pretty good looking. The man leading me further down the hall was tall with jet-black hair and I would’ve adored having him shove me against the wall and take me hard, but sadly I would have to wait until I entered the dungeon proper for that.

The man led me to the elevator and escorted me to the entry hall—a black-and-white tiled room with an arched ceiling and plush crimson rugs and drapes.

On either side were curtained alcoves. He guided me to the one on my left—the entrance for submissives—and left me to the care of the coat check attendant. I plopped my clothing down and he began placing it on several hangers.

“What shall it be today, Sir?”

“Hmm…” I pondered what I was in the mood for. “Level 3, I think, with the usual preferences.”

“Very good, Sir. If you’ll place your finger on the pad?”

I pressed my thumb to a small black panel on the desk between us, which would read my fingerprint and bring up my file to the computer behind the desk. The attendant nodded and slipped behind a curtain.

I was always amazed that the room was sound-proof, because I knew once I went through the doors to the left of the desk it would bring me to the ‘Turret’—the main area of the Dungeon, which would be echoing with the moans and cries of men writhing in their ecstasy. My heart began to pound in anticipation just thinking about it.

“Here we are, Sir,” the attendant said as he stepped around the polished marble counter and walked over to me.

I watched as he placed several plastic bracelets on my right wrist. Each color code had its own meaning, which would let any dom know what my preferred kinks were—and more importantly weren’t. Anyone who violated that code was not only banned from the club, but faced a severe lawsuit by breaching the contract they had signed with Leon. I’d never heard of it happening and didn’t think it likely. If someone liked a certain kink, they’d be able to find someone else who felt the same. The club guaranteed it.

“This way, Sir.”

I followed the man as he led me through the door and the atmosphere of the Dungeon hit me, making me hard just through the sights and sounds of sex that suffused my senses.

The Turret was one open circular room, several stories high. Each level was designated for a certain degree of submission/domination, or certain categories of kinks such as toys, glory holes, etc. But in general, the higher one went, the more intense the kinks became. I had no interested in electrodes being snapped to my nipples or having my balls put in a harness, but to each his own. I usually stuck with Level 3.

I followed the attendant up the exposed stairway that hugged the curve of the room until we reached the designated level.

“Here we are. Your wrists, Sir.”

I stepped up to the wall and raised my arms above my head so he could snap my wrists into the manacles hanging there. A shudder of excitement raced along my spine as the locks clicked into place.

“You are aware of the procedures, Sir?”


I knew he was referring to the fail-safes: there was a safety word everyone had to learn, and a button along the wall placed within reach—in case you were gagged and something untoward happened. They thought of everything at the Dungeon.

“Very good then, enjoy your stay, Sir.”

I nodded, my mind already fantasizing about what might happen in the next few hours. I could feel my heart pounding against my ribs. I strained my neck to try and look over my shoulder. There was no one chained immediately next to me, but just two spots over a cute little blond was being fucked silly by a burly man with his pants and button-down shirt hanging open. He had a gorgeous body. I licked my lips and thanked Leon for his strict standards. There was so much eye-candy with every visit, I was surprised I didn’t leave with cavities.

Out of the corner of my vision, I saw a few men in their crisp suits walking along the railing. I heard someone being spanked not far away and bit my lip. My cock was already dripping. I couldn’t help it—I’d already been fit to burst just from sucking Leon’s cock. I need someone’s hands on me.

But of course, I would have to wait my turn, and the exquisite need burning through me was just another thing I looked forward to.

Actually, it was this initial period at the start that I loved the most. Occasionally men would come by, their gazes raking me over, assessing me. Sometimes they examined me with their hands, sampling the softness of my skin, fondling the hardness of my cock, or testing the subtle grip of my ass with probing fingers. I always shivered at the touch, so turned on I could barely contain myself. I was helpless, a slave to whoever finally decided I was worthy.

I heard the man banging the toy next to me finally come with a grunt and I pouted. He caught sight of me and grinned. Pulling out of the blond, he swaggered over, his cock still stiff and hanging out of his pants.

He wasn’t my favorite type. I liked them cool and collected, with their ties still perfectly in place even as they came all over your face. This man was nicely built, though, and I was always game. I wiggled my ass invitingly.

Without a word he came up behind me, his hands running up and down my sides as his cock pressed between the crack of my ass. I moaned.

“You like that, don’t you?”

His hand smacked my backside when I didn’t answer. It burned nicely and my cock twitched.

“Yes, master.”

“I thought so.”

Well, aren’t we the smug one? I thought. It was his tone more than his words. I mean, he was a dom, but there was no need to be conceited about it.

He took his cock in hand and began playfully smacking it against my ass.

“Mmm, yeah,” he groaned.

I liked a little cock-slapping, but when this was all he did for several minutes, I began to get a little bored.

“Yeah,” he muttered as he rubbed the head of his cock along my crack, “You like that, don’t you?”

You said that already, I thought with an inward sigh. I wondered if he was new and hadn’t quite gotten the hang of things yet.

“Well, here’s a pretty one,” came another voice from over my shoulder.

I felt the man behind me pause in his ministrations as he noticed the newcomers.

“Would you mind if we sample him for a moment?” the new voice asked.

“Sure. I was on my way to Level 4 anyway. Just got distracted by this sweet ass.” I felt him give me a little smack before walking away.

I felt the newcomer lean in closer, his fingers trailing over my hips. “You do have a very nice ass, I must say.” Turning to someone else beside him, he asked, “Don’t you agree?”

“Most certainly.”

My heart jumped. I recognized that voice, and it sent electric jolts of pleasure through me just hearing it.

“I’ve had him before. He’s quite lovely.”

I felt a figure appear at my side and turned to see a perfectly tied Windsor knot at the level of my eyes. Looking up, I saw a grin and chocolate brown eyes framed by loose, dark hair. This man had actually had me on several occasions, and he always brought exquisite pleasure.

I batted my lashes at him and smiled—a sly, knowing grin.

The man behind me, who I hadn’t seen yet, pressed himself against my back, his lips at my ear.

“Do you want to be fucked?” His voice was dark with seduction and promise.

Then Raven—as I liked to call him in my mind—leaned in as well, hemming me in as he added, “By us both?”

I nodded, unable to find my voice as I trembled uncontrollably.

“He’s eager,” said the man behind me.

Raven’s dark eyes looked down at me, smoldering with lust. “He always is.”

“And what if we were not the only ones?” the other man continued. “What if we took you down to the cells and let others enjoy you as well?”

Now you’re talking! I had to bite my tongue not to shout it. Instead, I took a breath and replied, “I would be more than happy to, if it pleases my masters.”

Please don’t back out! I pleaded silently as they seemed to mull the idea over.

The cells were the one place doms sometimes disrobed completely. They were required to wear suits in the Turret, just as subs were required to wear, well, nothing at all!

“A very polite response. You’re well-mannered as always,” Raven said, looking pleased.

I was about to thank him, when I felt the other man’s fingers spread my cheeks apart and gasped as a finger slipped inside.

“He’s nice and tight as well.”

“Shall we go then?” Raven asked.

I was breathing hard as I waited for the other man to reply. From behind me I felt him shift and then saw him appear at my other side. He had short, neat blond hair with a strong jaw and a commanding face that softened as he gave me a jaunty grin.

“Yes, but I think I will sample him here first, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course,” Raven replied, his eyes lusty as he held my gaze.

I heard the rustling of clothing behind me as Blondie drew out his cock. The cool, slick sensation of lube hit my skin and I shivered. Raven smiled and leaned against the stone wall, lifting a hand to run it up my chest. He toyed with my nipples as the other man pressed the head of his cock to my hole.

I panted, feeling like a bow strung taunt and just waiting for release. But only the archer could give it to me. I was their prisoner.

I gasped as Blondie’s head slipped past my tight little ring of muscles. My whole body was flushed, waiting to be taken. My eyes never left Raven’s. His hand drifted upward, caressing my throat before grazing long fingers over my lips. I opened my mouth, crying out in rapture as Blondie’s cock pushed fully inside, spreading me wide—and Raven took the opportunity to slip his fingers into my mouth.

Then they began to fuck me—filling me at both ends. I sucked and nipped at Raven’s fingers, which he occasionally slipped out to until I panted and begged for them to be shoved back between my lips. And all the while the other man’s cock drilled into me, his hands gripping my hips so tight I felt completely possessed and taken.

My poor cock was oozing pre-cum and with every stroke of that huge cock inside me, I was getting closer to shattering into a million pieces.

“Oh, god!” Blondie exclaimed. He pace quickened and I pushed my hips back as much as I could, needing more, wanting it as hard as he could give. Until, finally, I choked on a cry as he shuddered and filled me with his seed. My vision blurred as I came seconds after, my jism shooting over the wall in front of me.

“Ah, that was what I needed,” Blondie said, not sounding winded in the least. His cock slowly slipped from my body, but I sucked hard at Raven’s fingers, not willing to be empty of them both just yet.

“Are you still ready for the cells?” the dark-haired man asked, wiping his wet fingertips across my lips.

I could feel come gliding down my inner thighs, dripping from my semi-stiff cock. I felt used and wonderful. And I wanted more.

Meeting Raven’s dark eyes, I licked his fingers and nodded.

“Yes, master.”

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