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Part 1
by Rin Sparrow

“You’re not really going to go through with this, are you Sage?” Nicolas asked as the carriage bounced along the road, leading us towards the edge of the main city.

“You doubt me?” I asked with an arched brow.

All he could manage in reply was an eye roll and shake of the head. I had to admit that I wasn’t as sure of this as I was putting on. But I was determined to go through with it—for many reasons.

As the carriage jerked to a stop, I reached for the door handle. “Well, this is where I get off.” I winked at Nicolas’ huff and stepped out.

When Nicolas followed me out, I blinked up at him.

“You’re not considering…?”

“No,” he grumbled, paying the driver and sending him off. “But I’m not going to let you go to the Jewel House on your own.”

“Going with me means you’ll be on your own heading back home after I go in.”

“That’s if I can’t convince you not to do this.”

I huffed as he pushed me ahead of him down the street. “Don’t gawk,” he admonished.

Honestly, as much as I tried, it was damn hard not to. I’d only been to Gaylord Street once before and it had just been to pick something up at a shop. During the day. It was at night that the area really came alive—I knew that, but seeing it was something different.

Vendors, musicians, penny dancers and more all swirled down the crowded street. Even the street gutters looked alive with color. Blinking, I looked up to see that the streetlamps were surrounded by stained glass of red or yellow or orange. What an extravagance in this part of the city! But the colors gave even the rag-tag children and worn-down hustlers a surreal glow.

Nicolas put a hand to my shoulder and steered me away from a circle of people bent over a board and tossing dice. “Gamblers,” he muttered.

It was new for me to see him like this, and here. Nicolas was Benzarian like myself, and unmarried Benzarian men didn’t frequent anywhere outside the family compound, let alone places like Gaylord Street. Or at least that was what we were supposed to do. Even when we’d been young (well, younger), we’d found ways around the strict rules of ours houses. But Nicolas wasn’t familiar with Gaylord because he was a troublemaker or thrill-seeker, it was because his family had put him to work scouring for overlooked antiques in the hawker’s shops along the lanes that bordered Gaylord and the affluent parts of the city. It wasn’t proper and Benzarian Society would’ve shunned the entire family for it—if they’d known.

Nicolas was good at keeping a low profile. And it helped that he had lighter hair than was typical for a Benzarian.

“I think it’s this way,” I said, sighting the Jewel House’s green dome down the street to our right.

“So it is,” Nicolas said sourly.

“Did you think you could get me lost so I’d miss it?” I chuckled. His lack of reply made me laugh all the harder.

“Hope springs eternal,” he muttered, glowering at my heels as I increased my pace.

Once we reached the ostentatious front gates, I took a moment and allowed myself a bit of gawking. It really was a beautiful building, if a bit ostentatious. Tall ivory walls of stone and impressive columns framed the gilded doors and numerous leaf-green cut glass glittered in the dome roof above.

It was quite the sight, but inside would be better. Tearing my eyes away, I veered around and slipped down the side alley.

“You’re bold for never having been here before,” Nicolas said at my back.

“The recruits always gather at the back of the building, or so I was told.”

“What if someone we know sees you?” Nicolas hissed, glancing nervously as we made our way down the alley.

“Then they’d have to admit they were there too then, wouldn’t they?”

“I suppose so…”

“Stop worrying and just decide to join me already!”

“Not on your life!”

The alley opened and I grinned at the crowd gathered by the Jewel House backdoor. “Ah-ha! I was right!”

Nicolas groaned but I moved forward, trying to get a better look at any signs on the building that might give some information. All the while, my heart raced like a giddy schoolboy skipping his lessons. Just sneaking out at night was a huge risk—not only because the entire area could be very dangerous, but also because I could ruin my own and my family’s reputation if word got out. But I’d always enjoyed being naughty, and tonight was going to be the cream on top of the cake!

“I’m glad there’s not that many men here—maybe twenty?—I’ll have a better chance at being chosen.”

Nicolas rolled his eyes. “With your looks you hardly need to worry. What you should be considering is what it will mean to actually get through that door.”

“Lust, excitement, fulfillment,” I rubbed his hands together and grinned, “in short, heaven!”

“You’re crazy!” Nicolas threw back, but mingled with his annoyance I could see amusement too. I could be charming when I wanted to be, and Nicolas always did have a hard time staying angry with me—even if this was the most idiotic idea I’d ever had.

“You’re putting yourself up for sale, you know,” he said, biting the inside of his cheek. It was a nervous gesture for him and I frowned.

“You’re totally missing the point!”

“Which is?”

I ran his hands through my loose, dark locks, hoping they were behaving. I had to look my best. “That it’s a pleasure house. Everyone gets what they want.”

“Elite snobs pay you to do whatever they want with your body, that’s what happens.”

“You know that’s not true. Those on offer get to decide exactly what they’re up for. They put the limits on everything. That’s the way it’s always worked.”

“How do you know so much?”

At his wary look, I told him, “Because Anthony came last week and was chosen.”

“He did not!” The shock on Nicolas’s face was priceless.

“He did indeed. Why do you think he was buying rounds for everyone this past week?”

Nicolas started to argue, but the back door opened and the crowd pressed forward. It looked as if several others had joined since we’d been standing there.

“I’ve got to get to the front,” I muttered. A tall, stately man with a clipboard and no hair on his shiny head stepped out, motioning the press of men back.

“Newcomers on my left, returns on my right please!” he called.

The crowd shifted and we nudged our way closer—Nicolas muttering his disapproval all the while.

It was all I could do to keep from flailing my arms out and yelling ‘Pick me! Pick me!’, but somehow I managed to stand still as I edged near the front of the pack.

The tonsured man with the clipboard was taking his time. He nodded to several men in the group to his right, and then took more time to look over to us new recruits.

“You,” he said, pointing to a raven-haired perky and pretty young man. “And you.” Another young man with a slim build.

I held back a frown. If they were looking for the delicate type tonight, I’d be out of luck. Not that I was huge, but I had lean muscle and more masculine features.

Come on! I pleaded silently, following the man’s eyes as he looked us over. He paused, then continued looking; paused, moved on.

Then his eyes brushed passed me. And stopped.

“And you!”

“Me?” I hardly dared breathe.

“Yes, don’t make me say it twice!”

“Yes, sir!” Beaming, I turned to wave back as I stepped forward.

“You’ll tell me everything tomorrow!” I heard Nicolas call just before I stepped through the door. It shut behind me with finality.

I was inside. I’d done it!

And oh, I was going to soak in every detail, because—knowing Nicolas—he’d turn bright red when I related it all. It was going to be delightful. Not as much as tonight, however. My mind spun with possibilities.

“Newcomers, this way!” the bald man said. He motioned us into a door on the left side of the hallway, took our names, and briskly told us to wait there.

Sitting in a polished wood chair, I looked around the room. The walls were a simple, whitewashed brick and the floor bare grey cement, but as this was the back of operation, it wouldn’t make sense to be lavish.

It was difficult to stay still, but I kept myself from fidgeting. There was still a chance I might be rejected if I was too nervous or jittery—or so Anthony had told me. There was another door opposite the one from the hall and after a few minutes an older man in a white smock called one of our names. Of course, I was called last. The other men didn’t return after they went through the door, so I had no chance to ask what they were doing. Anthony hadn’t gone into that many details of what was involved beforehand. Finally, my name was called and I made my way into the other room, which turned out to be a small medical room.

“Undress,” said the man in the white smock. A doctor, I presumed.


The older man looked up at me through his spectacles. “I have to examine you. Undress.”

With a frown, I pulled my clothing off. The staff so far was rather abrupt. Then again, they did this every night.

The room felt chilly without clothes and I grimaced as my cock shrank back against the cold. I’d had dreams of being erect and impressive upon any appraisal.

Some heat returned as the exam began, though. Certainly my cheeks burned as the doctor squatted before me and began examining my genitals for… defects, I supposed. Swabs were put in places they should never go, and I breathed a sigh of relief when the doctor finally pronounced us finished.

“You won’t need those,” he said as I reached for my clothes. “Put them in the box under the exam table. They’ll be returned to you afterward.”

“Oh.” Modesty was a bit silly considering the situation, but I admit it didn’t help my confidence any as I was ushered naked into yet another new room. This one was larger, had soft lighting and salmon colored curtains covering one wall and boxes and clothing racks strewn about. It appeared to be some sort of large wardrobe. Two men stepped in from around the curtain and smiled.

“Woo, now what do we have here?” cooed a broad, heavy-set man in some sort of silk robe. “I’m Fredrick, and this is my assistant, Pinky,” he said, gesturing to the short and very slender young man at his side.


The assistant handed me a clipboard and ink stylus.

“Fill out the forms,” said Fredrick. “We’ll try to figure out the best way to present you while you finish and we get confirmation that your results cleared.”


“Medical results, sweetie.”

Ah, of course. I gave a nod. It was all very pragmatic, but I couldn’t help feeling odd as I stood there, nude, scribbling my sexual preferences while Fredrick and Pinky looked (and touched) me up and down for…whatever reason.

“Yes, I think I have just the thing for you,” Fredrick said finally.

He rummaged through a row of stacked boxes, then disappeared back around the curtain. I focused again on the paperwork and ignored Pinky. Anthony had warned me about the papers at least. I had to decide what I preferred to do or be done to me—and the list was…thorough.

As a first-timer, penetration—giving or receiving—wasn’t an option. But there were certainly many others. Did I want to limit my partners to one, or allow more? ‘Performance’ only or contact permitted? Bring others to completion preferred, or be brought to orgasm? Both?

My arousal stirred as I considered all the delicious possibilities.

“All cleared!” Fredrick announced as he reappeared, a pile of shimmery cloths draped over his arms. “Now we can dress you. Are you done with that yet?”

With a nod, I handed the clipboard to Pinky, who gave me a grin as he looked it over. “Adventurous for a newcomer, hmm?”

“Concentrate, Pinky! We have to make him look his best! This is his first impression on the House!”

I stood patiently (I hoped) as I was fussed over and prodded like a prize stallion going to auction. Several fragile garments were attempted and then discarded when they proved too small. I tried not to frown. I didn’t have a broad frame, but my muscles were honed from years of riding and helping to break in my father’s horses. Thinking of the horses made me smirk. Did any of the stallions we sold ever feel as I did now? In both cases, we were being primed for rutting. I chuckled.

The other men took no notice, too busy trying out this and that look.

“Yes, the gold I think. It brings out his hair and his deeper skin tones.” I stifled a sigh and let them work without comment.

After what felt like hours, but must’ve been minutes, Fredrick and his assistant stepped back to evaluate their efforts.

“Turn around, would you?” Fredrick asked.

Madding a circle, I paused when I caught myself in a nearby mirror. A tight gold-mesh top came up to my throat, down to my navel, and stopped at my elbows. A gold chain hung about my hips. And nothing else.

How could it take them so long to decide on my clothing when I was wearing so little?

“And the finishing touch,” Fredrick said when I faced them again, “a sapphire, wouldn’t you say?”

Pinky nodded, and I waited for them to reveal bracelets or necklaces or other such finery. Instead, Fredrick produced a teardrop sapphire hanging on a short length of gold ribbon. My brow wrinkled as Fredrick nodded to his assistant—who promptly dropped to his knees before me.

“Wha—” was all I could get out before the young man took my cock in hand and began suckling it. “Gah—!”

“We said we have to have you looking your best, didn’t we?” Fredrick purred. “How neglectful would we be if your most important asset wasn’t presented in its full glory?”

And Pinky knew exactly how to bring a man to full mast within minutes—fingers caressed my sack and his skilled mouth nursed my cockhead. And just when I thought I might come and spoil the entire evening, Pinky pulled back. He plucked ribbon from his pocket and within seconds had it fastened snuggly about the base of my erection. The gold ribbon with the jewel was then deftly wound about my cockhead, so that the sapphire hung like a crystalized drop of precum beneath.

“There! Prefect!” Fredrick said happily, pulling Pinky up and granting him a kiss on the cheek. He grinned at me. “You’re ready to be presented!”

Fredrick led me out into the hallway and we passed into a new section of the House. The brick walls gave way to wood paneling and velvet wallpaper until the hall opened into what appeared to be a large sitting room.

“You’ll wait here until you’re all called to the stage,” Fredrick told him. Then he leaned up to kiss my cheek as well. “Have fun and come visit us again handsome!”

With a wink and a flutter of silk, he was gone.


Part 2

“Hmm. You’re a delightful new acquisition aren’t you?”

The man perusing me looked up and gave a coy look. The bidder glanced down at the papers set out on a small pedestal just in front of my cushion were I was, well, displayed. Including myself, there were eight of us on the well-lit stage in the otherwise dimly lit room. Each of us had a round, high cushion for a seat so we could position ourselves however we pleased, to entice the men bidding in the audience. Some were more blatant than others. Us newcomers lounged on the velvet beneath us and tried to make eye contact when we could, testing out different positions to see what caught the most attention. Those who’d been here seemed to have their routine down, however. Unlike the sapphire that dangled from my cock, those who were making a repeat appearance wore their ‘jewel’ in a different place. Each had a gold-plated buttplug fitted with a dazzling gem at the end, peeking out between their cheeks. Most of the young men were bent over, the better to show off their ‘goods.’ They looked posh and pampered—other Benzarians most likely—though one was so muscular and tanned he must’ve been a dockhand or other kind of laborer.

Turning from them, I gazed at the crowd of bidders who strolled about, considering those of us on the stage and occasionally asking to look closer, requesting for a turn or to have a touch. They were only about ten in all. I had expected there to be a bigger crowd—on and off stage. The few men that were there must indeed pay handsomely for Jewel House to do so well with so few ‘transactions’ per evening.

A tall, stately man with the typical dark Benzarian hair and slightly bronzed skin sauntered up. He’d been speaking with a small group of other bidders and I had the impression they were going to join forces to win their chosen ‘jewels’ for the night. His grin was filled with seductive charm and I tried not to look too eager as he drew near.

“Good evening,” he said.

“Good evening, master.”

His grin widened. It wasn’t a term we had to use, but I enjoyed it. “Let’s have a look at you. Stand for me and give a turn,” he said, twirling a finger.

Happy to oblige, I stepped up to the edge of the stage and gave a slow turn and. The stage came to about chest height, so that us jewels were well above the bidders, but still within their reach. This man’s eye level reached to just above my knees.

I did my best to stay still while my stiff cock twitched nearly right in front of the man’s face—which earned me a grin. Dark eyes raked over my body and the man lifted a hand to graze the back of his fingers down the underside of my prick, then loosely cupped my sac.

“Not much hair to obstruct the view of your…assets,” he said with amusement. My cheeks grew warm, but it was the flush of excitement as much as self-consciousness. The hand dropped away and he stepped back. I watched as he glanced again at the papers noting my preferences and looking pleased. “Hmm,” he met my eyes, “we shall see how you perform in private.”

And with that he left me. Those on stage were not privy to who was bidding on them. They only discovered later, when they were led to one of the rooms.

Once back in the waiting room, I sat with the others, impatient to be summoned. And again I had to watch as several others were led out first, but finally, blissfully, I was called.


Fredrick had told me this would be my name for the evening; I stood. The attendant clipped a simple lead around my throat and led us out the door and into a spacious hallway. Deep red and gold carpets covered the floor, soft beneath my bare feet. The walls were a deep brown wood with plaster mouldings gracing the ceiling.

After passing a couple wide foyers and making a few turns, I began to wonder just how extensive the Jewel House was. Eventually we stopped before two carved wooden doors.

The attendant opened them with a grand gesture and led me into a large room. Plush chairs, chaise lounges, and two expansive beds met my gaze. The oil lamps burned dim and made the pale green and bright gold décor glow. Everything was opulent velvet and shimmery satin. It would have been overkill anywhere else, but here, where pleasure was unlimited, it suited.

I was evidently the last to arrive, as the room was already quite occupied. There were four bidders within, one with his cock already down the throat of the pretty blond kneeling before his wide chair, while the others were draped over the other seats or standing near the main bed to watch the two young men pawing one another and kissing each other with open mouths.

“In you go, new boy. Enjoy yourself.” The attendant unclipped the lead and gave my ass a little smack.

The door shut and I tried not to squirm as the bidders’ eyes turned toward me. They wore well-cut trousers, waistcoats, and fine linen shirts. Gentle cravats graced each throat and delicate embroidery edged their waistcoats. Expensive clothing, but not that of nobility. Wealthy merchant class, if I had to guess. But all very gentlemanly and demur and proper attire—or would have been if all but one had not had his cock already released and standing erect before him.

I swallowed. Somehow the sight was even more erotic than if they’d been naked. My poor erection, bound at the base as it was, grew painful with the need for release.

“Ah, finally!” said the man who’d fondled me during the ‘auction.’ He walked over and cupped my ass to nudge me forward. “Come in. Get comfortable.” He gestured to one of the chaise lounges and I laid down across it, trying to look more relaxed than I felt. It wasn’t that I was nervous over what might happen; just that I didn’t know what the next step was or what to do with myself. I was pretty certain I was the only one there who hadn’t done this before.

“I’m Markus,” the man before me said. “The gentleman about to come in the chair over there is Stewart. This is Jacob and Charles,” he said, nodding to a tall auburn-haired man and a shorter, slimmer man with brown hair who walked over from where he’d been standing, soaking in the sight of the men on the bed.

“And you are Sapphire this evening, is that right?” Markus asked.

“Yes.” I couldn’t help blushing at the ridiculous pseudonym.

“I’m surprised you chose a newcomer this evening. We won’t be able to fuck him. He is lovely, though. Full lips and pretty cock,” Charles said, holding my chin and tilting my head.

Markus shrugged. “We will be his first here at the House, Charles,” he said with a smile, “We can christen him.”

Charles chuckled, stroking his hard dick.

“And our other Jewels might be annoyed if we gave all the attention to the new gem,” said Jacob, eying the two men on the bed, who were gazing at them as they licked and rubbed against each other. I wondered if it would be out of line for me to ask to join them.

“Don’t you worry,” Markus said with a grin to the two young men, “You’ll both be fucked as much as you like tonight. But for now…” He unfastened his own breeches and pulled out his dick.

The picture before me nearly made me salivate—these three handsome men, all clothed but for their rigid cocks in hand—standing over my naked body.

“How do you want me, masters?”

Markus’s grin widened and he put out a hand, running a finger across my lips. Would sucking on it would be considered ‘penetration’ and against the rules? I had to do something! Parting my lips, I slid my tongue over his skin.

“Mmm,” Markus murmured, his other hand fondling his length. “Very eager.”

I kissed his palm and nodded.

“On all fours?” Charles suggested, leisurely stroking himself.

“Hmm, first, let us get a good look at him. Lean back and spread yourself for us.”

Arousal shot through me like a hammer as I reclined back on the chaise lounge. With slow relish, I drew back my knees, spreading my thighs to display myself.

“Lovely,” Jacob murmured.

Markus groaned. “I already feel ready to explode.”

“We do have all night,” Jacob replied with amusement. “But he was your choice—don’t you want to ‘christen’ him first?”

“I’m feeling generous.”

With a laugh, Jacob stepped up to the chaise. Lifting my hands above my head I arched back, drinking in the sight of the man pumping his cock above me. I could’ve watched him for hours. The heat in his eyes made my cock twitch with delight and my skin tingle as if his gaze was a physical touch. It overcame him as well apparently; Jacob came quickly, gasping and shooting pools of come across my belly. He stood panting in the aftermath and I smiled at the gift dipping down my sides.

“Oh my,” Jacob sighed as I locked on his eyes and spread my hand through the mess, bringing it to my lips. I watched at them all, heavy-lidded, as I licked my fingers clean, and saw my own desire mirrored in their eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join us, Stewart?” Markus asked his friend sitting across the room.

In reply, the man only grunted and resumed stroking his fingers through his pet’s hair, still busy mouth-fucking him.

Once I had finished with the offering on my torso, Charles stepped up. “Let’s have you turn onto all fours now, shall we?”

“Yes, master.”

He rubbed his leaking cock against my cheek, and I nuzzled my lips against him. There was absolutely no question that I would return to the Jewel House, because this whole ‘no penetration’ requirement for the first visit was driving me mad. I wanted that cock filling my mouth, forcing me open as semen splashed my throat! The other two men ran knowing hands over my body, their cocks occasionally brushing my skin and making me groan.

My erection was dripping like slow syrup onto the lounger beneath me, and I was torn between begging them to let him come and praying the sweet torture would go on forever. Behind me, Markus rubbed my ass, spreading me open and stroking his thumbs along my portal.

“Such a lovely rosebud you have here,” Markus said with a purr. He paused, and must’ve licked his finger, for when he returned his attentions, the slick saliva tingled over my ass. “I do hope you’ll return. I think we would all agree on how delightful it would be to see our come slipping out your hole after we had each taken turns stretching it wide with our cocks.”

All I could do was shiver and nod, unable to speak even a coherent sentence as that vision danced in my head. Charles moved his wet cockhead across my mouth and it took all my will not to part my lips and swallow him. Instead, I gave him a long, sensuous lick.

“Ahh!” Charles grunted. “That’s not quite playing fair, is it? You’d like me to shove my cock inside your mouth as much as me. But we mustn’t break the rules. We wouldn’t be allowed back! I’ll settle for this.” And he proceeded to slide and smack my cheeks and chin with his rigid length. I murmured approval and moved into him, lifting my face for more. It pleased me to no end to see the way he bit his lip and looked at me with slack-jawed lust, until he finally gave himself over to release.

“Oh yes!” Charles hissed. His body shook with each spasm of jizz. And while he made messy work of pumping himself over my face, I opened wide to catch what I could of his cream.

I was left with my cheeks dripping and I looked up at my ‘masters’ with a grin as I licked my lips.

“We mustn’t waste any, look how he relishes it,” Markus said, step up as Charles took a seat to catch his breath. Using his shaft, Markus wiped up his friend’s come and pushed his cock toward my mouth. “Lick it clean.”

Oh yes. They were exploring so many things I had never been able to do before. ‘Proper’ young gentlemen did nothing of this sort, spoke nothing like this, and were absolutely unable to express their carnal desires so blatantly. I had been raised to know that my only duty in bed would be to please my future wife. All other desires were secondary. This, I thought, as I licked the cock before me clean, had nothing to do with duty. And these men weren’t shy about getting what they wanted or giving me what they knew I desired. Hedonism, to be sure, but it was contained to this place and time, and in this private little world, I was going to lap up every ounce of pleasure to be had.

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