A-M N-Z Fanfiction

Fiction based on Fake by Sanami Matoh:

  • Anniversary Present
    Dee and Ryo celebrate their first anniversary together and Dee has a special surprise planned! Oneshot, NC-17, toys, voyeurism

  • Boarding School
    A young man of mixed descent enters a prestigious boarding school in the 1950's; adjusting to life there may be more difficult than he anticipated...for many reasons! AU, NC-17, paddling, spanking

  • Gentlemen, Place Your Bets!
    Dee makes a bet that JJ can’t seduce the next person who walks into the office… now who could it be? (Response to the ‘Seduction Dare’ challenge by Fakepheonix.) NC-17

  • Greek Love
    Dee is a wealthy statesman in ancient Greece, Ryo has been forced into a life of servitude. Guess who’s going to be his new master? AU, NC-17

  • Into the Woods
    When Dee is partnered up with Ryo, he realizes it is the same man he had a summer fling with years before. AU, NC-17

  • Jazz and Other Vices
    A night with Dee and Ryo undercover in the 1920’s. AU, rated R

  • Sakura Monogatari (Cherry Blossom Tale)
    Dee and Ryo meet under difficult circumstances during the 1800's in Japan. Dee is a samurai under Rose's leadership while Ryo's situation is much less favorable... AU, Voy, NC-17

Fiction based on Tsubasa Chronicles by Clamp.

  • Reciprocity, Part I
    Kurogane, leader of Japan’s army, is defeated in battle and becomes captive of his enemy’s supreme commander- the wizard of Ceres. AU, NC-17, D/s, non-con/rape

  • Reciprocity, Part II
    To honor a peace treaty between Japan and Celes, Kurogane, the commander of the royal guard, receives an unexpected ‘gift’ from Ashura in the form of a slender, sexy blonde! AU, NC-17, crosses over with Part I. Work in progress.

  • Sweet Dreams
    Kurogane wakes from a disturbing dream that makes him face his hidden desires for a certain blonde wizard. Oneshot, NC-17

  • X-Mas Special
    A little holiday fun with Kurogane and Fai! Rated R

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