• I heard YaoiFix is moving. Where is it going?

    Rin has created a brand new home for YaoiFix. The new website is Endure & Conquer Press, where you can still find great fiction. She is in the process of moving the stories over but there are more chapters up every day! All chapters are now going to be free, and instead of the subscriptions on site, she is utilizing Patreon as a platform to grow the community. We hope to see you there!

  • I can't login. What should I do?

    If you are having login problems, please go through *all* the steps below thoroughly. In general, they will solve about 99% of the issues. Promise! ;)

    1) Check that your Paypal payment has gone through. Especially if you're a new member, just renewed, or your billing cycle recently just came around, go into your Paypal account and make sure your payment isn't still 'Pending' and/or that you haven't received any emails that your payment failed. (For failed payments, please go to FAQ below that deals with this issue separately.) You will not be able to access the site until your payment is completed. This can take a few days for eChecks via Paypal, or if the funds are being transferred into your Paypal account from another source, etc. Do NOT sign up with a new subscription unless you cancel your old subscription or unless Paypal cancels it if the billing fails after 3 attempts. **Please note that even if you received a subscription confirmation, your payment could *still* be pending, and your login won't work until it goes through. Paypal will usually tell you the date that the payment is pending until.

    2) The login to the site is case sensitive, so check your caps lock key and experiment with your username and password with and without the capitalization. Most login issues are caused by incorrect capitalization, so please don't skip this step! Our system sometimes doesn't save the capitalization in usernames - so even if you know you capitalized it, give it a go with lower case letters just in case. (We're trying to amend this issue!) You can also double check the capitalization of your username and password by requesting them here: My Account

    (**Be sure that yaoifix[at]gmail.com has been added to your address book, and check that the email won't be blocked by your email filters and/or hasn't been sent to your spam/junk mail in case you don't see it in your inbox right away.)

    Note: Even if you can log in to your member's account, capitalization could still be the problem because the member's account is *not* case sensitive, but the website *is*! (Don't ask me why the software works this way! O.o) Also, the forum is a *separate* log in, so access to the forum doesn't mean automatic access to the member's area of the site.

    3) Try resetting your password by going to your member's account page here (because capitalization causes issues, please avoid it when you reset your password): My Account (You can also request a lost username / password here as well.)

    4) Try a different browser or clear your browser cache. Also, double check that no firewalls, etc. are preventing your log in (especially if you are using a computer at work, school, etc.).
    **Trying a new browser is particularly important if you are trying to access the site via a smart phone - some browsers do not support password protected sites!

    5) You can also check if the issue is with your computer system vs. the YF site by trying to log in on a different computer. This is a simple but effective test that helps pinpoint where the issue might be. If you can log in on another computer, you'll likely find you solution in one of the troubleshooting tips above. ^_~

    6) If you have trouble on a different computer, double check that you have your username and password correct. You can request this info by going here: My Account

    7) If all these steps fail and you have *already* checked your username and password, and that your account is paid and up to date in Paypal, please email me with your full name or email as registered in Paypal, your username and password (so I can double check they are in the system), and the details of your problem (what the screen shows when it rejects your login, etc.)

    I take everyone's issues seriously, and chances are that if you did not hear back from a personal email you sent to me about login troubles, it may be because my reply was accidentally sent to your junk mail, overlooked in your inbox, or was rejected by your email account. It's also possible your email ended up in *my* spam folder. If you don't hear from me within 24-48 hours it's best to drop a line to me on the Facebook page, which I check regularly.

    I hope that clears matters up for everyone! Thank you for your patience with this long answer and thank you so much for you support!

  • I forgot my username/ password! What should I do?

    You can request your username and password be sent to your email by going to your member's account: My Account. Please make certain there are no filters on your email account that would prohibit the email from reaching you before you make the request.

  • What if I want to change/renew my current or canceled subscription?

    Whether you want to renew an old subscription that was canceled or you have a current subscription that you would like to change (from monthly to quarterly, etc.) you can do so by going to your member's account here. If you are changing subscription types, please note that you must *cancel* your old subscription after starting the new one, to ensure that you are not double billed.

    Note that access to your member's account is separate from the rest of the website and you will always be able to log into it, whether or not you have an active subscription. This account allows you to read old YF newsletters to see what stories have been updated and to renew or change your subscription at any time. Your username, password, and email are kept on file in this account as well, so that you can keep the same login even if you change or renew your subscription again and again.

  • What if I want to change my username, password, or email?

    All these changes can be made in your account by clicking on the My Account link on the Member's Home page, or by going here.

  • I can't subscribe using my current email address because the system claims there is already an account existing with it. Why is this happening and what can I do?

    There are two reasons you might receive this message. First, if you had a previous subscription with Yaoifix (even if it has been canceled), your account is still on file and you will need to log in to your account to create a new subscription. You can log in here.

    Second, you may have started to sign up at one time, but didn’t finish the process. Even if the subscription isn’t fully completed, once your email is filed the system creates a ‘pending’ account. If this occurs, simply log in to the pending account here and finish creating your subscription.

  • My Paypal payment failed, why did this happen? Do I have to renew my subscription?

    You don't need to renew yet, but you should check that 1) your credit card info on file with Paypal is up to date and 2) that you have specifically chosen this new credit card as the one to be charged for your subscription. Otherwise the payment will fail. You can do this manually in your Paypal account or simply call 1-888-221-1161 to update your credit card and let Paypal know you want to use the new card for your YF subscription. Also, even if your payment failed, you actually have some time to renew this info before your subscription is canceled. Paypal always makes 3 attempts (each 3 days apart) to bill for the subscription. Only after the last one has failed, and you receive a cancellation email from Paypal, will your subscription be canceled. If you do sign up again before the subscription is officially canceled, you might end up having 2 subscriptions and need to cancel one to avoid being double billed! O.o

  • Can you wait to bill me so I have time to move funds into my Paypal account?

    Paypal bills automatically so unfortunately I have no say over the date which you will be billed. However, Paypal always makes 3 attempts (each 3 days apart) to bill for the subscription, so if you get a notice that the payment failed, you still have a little time to move funds into your account.

    Also, if something happens and the final attempt to bill you fails and you receive a cancellation email, you can just renew your subscription once you have the money in your account. It's an easy process and you can find the info on it here in the FAQs. ;)

    **Please note that just because a payment fails, it doesn't mean your subscription has been canceled yet. You won't be able to log in until the payment goes through, but until the 3rd and final payment fails and you receive an email from Paypal that the subscription is canceled, your subscription is still there (it's just in limbo while Paypal tried to bill you)!

  • I changed my credit card on file with Paypal and it should be fine, but my payment failed! What should I do?

    After updating your credit card info on file, Paypal needs you to chose this new card as the one you would like to use for your subscription. This is a separate step. You can do this by logging into your Paypal account, or simply call Paypal support at 1-888-221-1161. Even if your payment failed once, you actually have some time to make these changes before your subscription is canceled. Paypal always makes 3 attempts (each 3 days apart) to bill for the subscription. Only after the last one has failed, and you receive a cancellation email from Paypal, will your subscription be canceled. If it does get canceled, all you need to do is renew your subscription. (Paypal will automatically use the new card on file with a new subscription.)

  • Why haven't I been receiving the weekly email newletter?

    If you aren't receiving the weekly email updates and your account is up to date, it could be for several reasons. First, check that no emails have gone into your spam folder and add yaoifix[at]gmail.com to your address book. Also, check there are no filters prohibiting group emails on your email account. Second, the newsletters will be send to the email you used to sign up with YF, not the email associated with your Paypal account. So double check you're looking at the correct email account.

    You can also double check that your email address is on file in the new system. (If you signed up before Oct. 2008 your email might not be on file.) Simply login here, and click on 'Change password/Edit profile' to add your email.

    If none of these methods solve your problem, please contact Rin.

  • Why can't I get into the forum with my username and password?

    To login to the forum, you must register there (for free!) separately from the site. Being an YF member does not automatically register you in the forum.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    To cancel a subscription, you do so directly through your Paypal account or by calling Paypal at 1-888-221-1161 (if you have trouble with the online directions). Just login, find your last Yaoifix payment under 'history' and click on 'details'. This will take you to a page with a reference number near the top, click on that and it will bring you to a page with a cancellation option.

  • If I cancel early, will my access be cut off immediately, or will I receive the full month/quarter/year?

    You will always receive the full term for which you paid, regardless of how early in your subscription you chose to cancel. For instance, if you are certain you only want to subscribe for one month, you can sign up one day, cancel the next, and you will still receive the full month’s subscription.

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