Friday, February 16th, 2018

Escape Velocity Chapter 4 and Lamb & Wolf Page 15!

ID Locke and I pushed through all our busyness and personal challenges and are happy to bring you Escape Velocity Ch4 and Lamb & Wolf Pg15 - though a note on the comic page: I had an issue with a 'full scratch disk' that delayed me a bit so I still need to fill the backgrounds on this page! But I didn't want to delay it, so it'll be filled next week!

Also, Yaoifix may be getting an overhaul this spring! Toying with a tiered system, so there would be higher and lower priced options. I'm all ears for your thoughts on this, but if no one comments I'll have to guess and I'm not sure what you all would prefer so let's hear it! haha.

Til next week!

Rin <3

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