Friday, April 20th, 2018

Escape Velocity Chapter 6!

May 5th is coming fast! I want to make sure you all know how YF is going to evolve so there's a few points below - and please ask me any questions I don't cover!

  • Those who don't want to make any changes, I will email you the updates each week, so just be sure your email in your account is up to date.
  • All those who pledge on Patreon will get access to all the updates plus whatever bonus material your pledge includes.
  • The Patreon will be under 'Rin Sparrow' but ID Locke's Escape Velocity will continue being updated regularly.
  • After May 5th, all stories in the archives will be free to the public, as will the early chapters of the current stories.
  • Here an overview of the Patreon tiers I have in mind:
    • $1: access to the current story chapters soon as they are written (up to a month but not necessarily 1 a week)
    • $3: the above plus an ebook copy when each story by Rin is completed
    • $5: the above plus access to flash fiction twice a month
    • $10: the above plus access to a weekly vlog
    • $20: the above plus a printed story illustration mail to you
    • $40: the above plus a flash fiction story of your choice of characters, setting, situation, etc!

I think that covers what I have outlined so far! We've got 2 weeks to go so let me know your thoughts and/or questions! :)

Rin <3

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