The Apartment

I’ve never cared for Valentine’s Day. Too commercial, too sentimental, and who ever heard of celebrating love on a day when someone known for it was beheaded? I think even St. Valentine himself would consider it tacky.

Okay, so maybe I’d had a few bad experiences with the dreaded Hallmark holiday. Who honestly enjoyed all those cheesy red hearts and fattening chocolates anyway?

At least, that’s what I told myself as I made my way down the street. I sighed, knowing I wasn’t fooling myself. Valentine’s made me lonely and, because of that, I had agreed to a ridiculous blind hook-up through a web forum.

I pulled out a little scrap of paper from my pocket to check the address and wondered for the hundredth time if this was a good idea.

One of my ex’s, Cass, with whom I was still friends (and I was friends with many—being boyfriends was difficult, being friends was the easy part) had suggested I stop moping and do something about my constant sexual frustration.

“We’re men,” Cass had told me. “We have needs. There’s no reason to make matters complicated.”

I hadn’t been so sure, but Cass told me that he knew a lot of guys who used the forum to meet up just to, well, satisfy their mutual needs. I never liked the idea of casual sex, but then again, I’d never gone this long without getting laid and I felt like I was about to burst. Since I’ve always been a bit quiet, people don’t tend to realize that my libido actually runs pretty high. I usually hold back because I don’t trust myself to let loose.

“Besides,” Cass had added, “you always get depressed when you’re alone for Valentine’s Day.”

He was right, of course, though I hated to admit it. At least if I met up with someone through the website, I wouldn’t end up cruising through the local bars for a one-night stand, which I never liked. So Cass’s alternative was probably for the best. At least I could see some background information before meeting up with anyone. Plus, the way Cass had discussed everything made the whole arrangement sound almost normal. “Just meet and see what you feel up for,” he’d told me. I had squirmed a bit, still unsure, but eventually agreed to it.

The address was in a neighborhood on the west side. The area had been one of those places that twenty years ago had been filled with industrial buildings, but had gradually been filled by young, artistic types looking for low rent in the city.

When I walked up to the building, it looked normal enough. I’d half feared it would be some rundown, creepy place that would make me lose my nerve. Maybe I’d half hoped it would be so I’d have an excuse to chicken out. As it was, I took a breath and started up the outdoor staircase. The apartment was 405, so I headed to the fourth floor.

I grumbled about the lack of an elevator, but it probably made for cheap rent for the tenants. My wavy, reddish-blond hair blew into my face as I reached the top.

When I found the door, I just stood there for a moment. Then I suddenly realized how absurd I was being. I mean, Cass had hooked up this way plenty of times. It wasn’t as if I was doing anything wrong. I was just meeting someone to talk with… and, okay, probably have sex, but that was beside the point.

I shifted my weight and finally pressed my finger to the doorbell, telling myself to just calm the hell down. The door opened and I blinked, dumbfounded. This was not the same man whose picture I’d seen online (he was better looking actually), but what made me speechless was the fact that every stitch of his clothing was missing. His compact body was muscular and deliciously defined.

The man just stood there, naked and calm, his dark brows drawing together.

“You’re late.”

I blinked stupidly. “Excuse me?”

“The others just left.”

“Oh…” I was a bit bewildered and could barely concentrate on the man’s words when he was standing in the open doorway in all his naked glory.

“It’s a bit drafty, why don’t you come in?” the man offered.


As he shut the door behind me and led me inside, I slowly came back to my senses. “Umm, are you Jason? That’s who I was supposed to meet, but the picture was different…”

“No, my name’s Nico,” he said, leading me down the hallway. “And what should I call you?” he asked with a playful smirk.

“Oh, sorry. Eric.”

“Why don’t you sit down? I was just about to get myself something to drink,” Nico said as he walked over to the kitchen area. He made no attempt to cover himself or grab any clothing, just sauntered over to the refrigerator and took out the orange juice. The choice seemed incongruent with the situation. I’d assumed by ‘drink’ he’d meant liquor.

“Actually, I think I should probably be going,” I told him, hoping I didn’t sound too freaked out.

Nico chuckled. “Just relax, blue-eyes,” he said. “I won’t bite.” He set down a glass, poured the juice and motioned me to sit.

I glanced at the door, then at Nico’s bare skin, and swallowed. He seemed friendly enough. Not at all the axe murder type, and he was extremely good-looking. I found myself wanting to trust him. And frankly, how often did I ever find myself in such circumstances with a gorgeous naked guy?

Finally, I crossed the room and sat down. A small, thrilling excitement ran through me at my own boldness. I tried not to stare at his body as he sipped his drink. His muscles were lean and tight beneath his olive skin. The guy obviously worked out regularly. His dark hair hung longish over his ears, curling at the tips. Suddenly Nico’s eyes met mine and he grinned at catching me ogling him.

“Who was it who sent you over here? You haven’t said.”

“Uh, my friend Cass suggested I use this forum, boymeetsboy. I contacted this guy there, Jason, and he told me to meet him here.”

Nico considered the information before he said, “I haven’t heard Todd mention a Jason, but that could’ve been who he brought with him earlier. He’s on that forum pretty often.”

Trying to remember Jason’s picture the best I could I told him, “Well, Jason would’ve had kind of short blond hair, a squarish jaw…”

Nico was shaking his head and I gave him a quizzical look.

“I was blindfolded. I didn’t see his face,” said with a shrug and a smirk.

“Oh…” A picture of the handsome man before me, blindfolded and strapped to a bed, flashed through my mind. I swallowed hard and felt lightheaded with the sudden rush of blood to my groin.

It all sounded like the beginning of a ‘Dear Penthouse’ letter—if Penthouse did stories about guys. I tried to shrug off my arousal by reaching for my juice—then remembered I’d turned it down.

Did people really live their lives like this?

Nico smiled knowingly, as if he could read my thoughts. “This is the first time you’ve tried to meet up with anyone like this, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I muttered, feeling hopelessly naïve. I’d rarely even had flings and I was facing someone who engaged in blindfolded threesomes and invited strangers in naked.

“Relax,” Nico said gently. “There’s a first time for everything. Why not enjoy yourself?”

With that I watched him get up and casually straddle my thighs. My erection rose eagerly as if in greeting. Nico smiled and wriggled deeper into my lap. I groaned before I could help myself and Nico’s soft laughter cascaded over my ears. My body seemed to have a mind of it’s own as my hands came up to caress his sides. Nico jerked at the touch.

“Cold hands,” he chortled into my ear.

Leaning back, he took one of my hands in his and brought it to his mouth. My eyes were riveted on his plump pink lips as they parted and drew one of my fingers into that warm cavern. My breath left me in a long sigh even as my heart raced at the exquisite sensation. God, but it was erotic—that full mouth and those deep chocolate eyes drinking in my every reaction, as if feeding off me like a succubus. I’d never met anyone less inhibited and I could hardly remember ever being harder. Nico had a damned talented tongue.

My body shivered as he grazed his teeth over my thumb. His eyes never left mine, even as he turned my palm upward and dragged his tongue down the center. He nipped at the pulse pounding in my wrist.

“What are you into?” he murmured against my skin.

“Into?” Lord, how had this man turned me into a monosyllabic nitwit?

“Yeah—top, bottom? Vanilla or something more interesting?”

“I-I’ve been both and… I don’t know.”

My answer seemed to intrigue him—thank goodness, since I thought I sounded like a simpleton.

“Well,” he said standing, his hand holding mine, “we’ll just have to explore and find out.”

My cock twitched in anticipation as he led me into his bedroom. I don’t know what I expected—furry handcuffs or a cat-o-nine-tails on the wall?—but the space was surprisingly normal, with minimal furniture and a color scheme that reminded me of a sunset but avoided being gaudy. The sheets on the bed were crisp and unruffled, obviously having just recently been changed, but the scent of sex still lingered in the air.

I was surprised to find the idea of Nico having just been fucked arousing as hell. I wasn’t usually the kinky type. Maybe the novelty was the reason it all seemed so exciting. Nico stretched out on the bed and all I could envision was him pinned there between two writhing bodies. I bit my lip and prayed I wasn’t already staining my pants with precum. The whole situation was out of control. What the hell was I doing going over to some stranger’s for a quick fuck anyway?

Nico slipped a hand down to touch his shaft, now happily engorged, and my own erection reminded me that it had been far too long since either of us had any fun. To hell with it!

I yanked my shirt over my head and sank down onto Nico’s body. Oh yesss, his skin felt so good—hot and needy and so receptive to my touch. I moaned into his mouth as his lips took mine. Nico snaked a hand between us and squeezed the bulge in my jeans.

Fuck,” I growled.

Typically I had to initiate everything in bed; I’d never been with anyone so forward. It made me feel more desirable and wanted than I ever had. I ground down into Nico’s hand and he smiled with delight.

“That’s more like it,” he said.

I grinned down at him and smothered his lips with mine, feeling drugged by anticipation and desire. His mouth was hot and molded into mine, lips parting and tongue seeking dominance. Every kiss intoxicated me more, until my head was spinning. My body moved on pure instinct, moving against Nico’s like insistent waves over the sand. My hands explored his dusky skin, Nico’s muscles flexing beneath my fingers.

Abruptly, he demonstrated his strength by rolling me over and under him. His thighs pinned mine and his hands pressed my chest down. He rocked his hips. I gasped. It was getting pretty uncomfortable inside my tight jeans. Nico grinned in a way that told me he knew exactly what kind of torture he was putting me through.

Leaning down, he sucked my earlobe between his teeth and said in a voice like crimson velvet, “Tell me one of your fantasies.”

Even in the midst of my passion, Nico managed to make me tongue-tied yet again. I blushed as a hundred different daydreams ran through my brain—all of them altered to fit the man before me into the scenario. Yet I barely knew him; I certainly couldn’t tell him any of them.

Nico raised an eyebrow. “So tight-lipped now? Are you going to make me guess?” Slowly, he drifted his hands down my torso and began unbuckling my belt.

“Do you like getting off in public? Or maybe being tied up is your thing?” He slid off my belt and held it up, giving it a sharp snap.

I chuckled at his playful mood, even though I knew I was blushing deeper. It felt good to laugh about sex instead of always taking it so seriously.

Nico smirked. “Your cheeks are pink, I must be getting close.” He moved low to kiss down my neck and I shuddered at the lovely sensation.

“Hmm,” he murmured, sitting up and assessing me closely. “Or maybe you’d like a good spanking?”

My heart thudded and my eyes went wide before I could stop myself.

“That’s it!” Nico burst into giggles as I rolled onto my belly in mortification.

He settled his weight on my back and I could feel his heated breath at my neck. “Don’t be so shy, blue-eyes,” he chided. “Life’s too short for modesty.”

Turning my head, I saw Nico regarding me with lust and amusement, but beneath it all he seemed quite serious. I thought about his words and reflected that I’d never actually ventured outside of conventional ‘vanilla’ sex. He obviously wasn’t someone who would judge me for my proclivities. Despite the brevity of our acquaintance, I felt he was trustworthy in such circumstances. Moreover, the thought of living out one of my fantasies left me breathless with excitement and nerves.

I gave a tentative nod and he smiled so beatifically I had to smile back. “I just…I’ve never…”

With a wink, he replied, “Leave it to me.”

His weight left me and his hands went to my waist.

“Lift your hips.”

Lying on my stomach once more, I obeyed, feeling self-conscious now that we were moving forward. Once my jeans and boxers were discarded, Nico’s hands trailed up my back. I jumped at the sudden touch.

“Relax,” he whispered, kissing between my shoulder blades. His voice was warm and reassuring, but my muscles refused to release their tension. We were approaching new territory for me after all.

Nico pulled back again and gave my bare ass a pat. “You’re not letting go. Move up closer to the headboard. There, now grab a hold.”

I wrapped my fingers around the wooden rods in front of me and waited as Nico slipped my belt between the lattices and deftly bound my wrists together.

“Sometimes a little bondage helps people let go of their control.”

I couldn’t help but quirk an eyebrow. “How often do you do this?”

Nico chuckled and shrugged. “It’s fun. You’ve really never done anything like this, huh?”

I nodded, my blush creeping up to my ears now, and not just from my admission. I was now on my knees, tied to a bed and completely naked at a stranger’s mercy. Considering the situation and my inexperience, I definitely should’ve been feeling more vulnerable—and less turned on—but it felt as if Nico was giving me permission to act on my deeper desires. And he was right, being bound made me feel less in charge and less inhibited because of it. It also gave me an odd sense of security. Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to see what Nico would do next.

My eyes fell shut as Nico began to explore my body. I’d never known it would be so stimulating to be helpless. I moaned and moved into his touch. Nico seemed bent on caressing every curve and dip. His hands moved over me, warm and slow, until I felt as loose as a fresh noodle. The image this metaphor put in my head made me laugh under my breath.

Nico nipped a shoulder. “More relaxed now? Good.”

I didn’t have to look to know he was smiling.

“Your body is so sensitive,” Nico purred. “Your skin turns pink wherever I touch you.”

He shifted on the bed until he was kneeling behind me and I wondered if he planned to take me from behind. I sucked in my breath, excited but unsure. I hadn’t received on very many occasions. But Nico merely kissed and caressed my backside, and my uncertainty melted. I sighed long and low as he dragged his tongue over my skin, his thumbs making circles along my crack. I was waiting, waiting, hoping he would move those hands closer. Inch by inch, he did—sliding his thumbs in and out of the smooth valley between my ass cheeks. Then his lips drew nearer. He pressed his mouth against the small of my back and nuzzled downward. I could barely breath for the wanting. Was he really going where I thought he was? Even the concept had only entered the very edge of my wet dreams. But then the teasing tip of a tongue dipped between the soft rise of my cheeks and I choked out a thrilled moan.

“Do you like that?” His voice was playful, yet firm. My brain wasn’t functioning at full capacity, and I didn’t answer. Nico reacted swiftly.

“Gahhh!” I cried out as a stinging slap burned across my right buttock. I hadn’t expected it, having almost forgotten my unintended confession, and I was overwhelmed at the electric thrill it sent sizzling along my spine. I nearly cried out ‘again!’ but a second smack landed on my other cheek in rapid succession.

“Is that a yes or no?” Nico asked, the smirk evident in his voice.

“Y-yes,” I managed.

“Is it this you like?” He run his hot tongue from my perineum up to my spine and I trembled. Dear god. “Or this?” he asked, spanking me again.

“Both!” I gasped, breaking out in a sweat with the effort of holding back my orgasm, which threatened to break forth every time Nico struck my bottom. The burn of pain and pleasure seared my skin. My cock was weeping profusely. I’d never actually come without touching myself, but I had a feeling now that stories of such occurrences weren’t exaggerations. I felt so swollen it bordered on pain. I wanted more, but didn’t know how to ask. Thankfully, Nico was more experienced at this game.

Sensing my delirium of lust, he ordered, “Don’t come just yet,” and buried his face in my ass. A hand snaked around to my cock and held me firmly as Nico’s tongue first teased and then pleasured me, thrusting inside my hole.

I was incoherent, drugged on adrenaline and the sweet torture of hovering on the edge of climax. Nico alternated between tonguing me rapidly, then licking me slowly. I had no idea how I was still able to see straight. He spanked me again—one, two, three—before steadily moving his mouth lower.

Somehow he turned onto his back between my legs and was now sucking delicately on my balls. My eyes were shut tight, my breathing ragged.

“Nico,” I begged. “I can’t take it anymore!”

I heard a soft chuckle ripple from his mouth to my groin and he shimmied up so his head was just under my belly. “Okay,” he said, kissing the glistening head of my shaft, “go ahead. Come on me.” He licked the underside of my erection for emphasis, and began to pump me. Before the second stroke I had exploded.

My body spasmed again and again, shooting endless streams of come across Nico’s body. I didn’t feel as if I’d reached my climax as much as I had simply allowed the floodgates loose. It left me a bit winded yet I was still hard. Nico had worked me into such a state that apparently one orgasm was not going to be enough to dissipate my yearning—no matter how strong it had been.

As some blood came back to my brain, I heard Nico’s contented purr beneath me. He had my cock in hand still and was gliding it over his chest, reveling in the slick, sticky mess. It reminded me of being a kid and how fun it had once been to splash in puddles and play in the dirt. It’d been a long time since I’d taken pleasure in making a mess. I wriggled my hips and enjoyed the satiny feel of my come over Nico’s skin.

“I hope you don’t think we’re done yet,” he said.

I looked down between my arms and met his eyes as he tilted his head back. “Oh no?” I teased.

He grinned, moved up toward me, and captured my lips. It was a long, exuberant kiss, and it felt me feeling giddy.

“Fair is fair,” he said when we finally broke apart. He scooted out from under me and reached inside his bedside drawer, taking out condoms and a bottle of lube. I was certain from his words he was going play the top, but instead he wiggled back under me and took me in hand. “Got energy for more?” he asked, giving me a squeeze.

“Only one way to find out.”

We grinned at one another and my passion began to rise as I watched him slick his hand with lube and lower it between his thighs. It was hard to crane my neck down to watch him at work, so I concentrated on his face, mesmerized by the changes in his expression as he fingered himself. Normally, I would consider it my responsibility to prepare my lover. But rather than causing me to feel useless, I became enamored of the voyeuristic entertainment Nico provided.

His brow wrinkled and soft sighs escaped his parted lips. He was the picture of rapture. My hands itched to touch him, but being unable to only heightened my longing. It felt so naughty and turned me on something fierce. The only thing that could’ve made it better would’ve been a third man with us there to spank me while I watched Nico pleasure himself. Maybe next time—

Wait, next time? Was I already considering that?

Nico gave the most delicious little gasp beneath me and a little voice in the back of my mind shouted, ‘Hell, yes, there will be a next time!’ Then Nico began stroking me with purpose and all thought inside my head took a backseat to the desires of my body.

With quick fingers, he tore open the condom and slipped it onto my stiff cock. I groaned in anticipation. Holding my hips as an anchor, Nico bent his knees and lifted his legs in the air, so that my cock was poised at his sweet little hole. Freeing one hand, he guided me into him, and I pressed my hips down until I had him pinned under me, totally impaled.

“Oh, yes,” I murmured. He was tight and hot and oh my it had been a long time since I’d been able to feel this!

“Eric,” Nico breathed, his nails scratching down my back. “Fuck me.”

The words sent a jolt through me. I gasped. Pulling back, I quickly pushed forward, burying my cock deep. Nico clawed at me for more, and I began thrusting hard, using my bound wrists against the headboard for me leverage. I felt driven by a frenzied, raw desire I’d never known before. Or maybe I’d simply never allowed myself to feel it. By being bound, I also felt released—as if I was a slave to my passion and had no choice but to obey the demands of my body.

Beneath me Nico panted and begged, his words spurring me on even further. He could leave me if he chose, nothing tied him, yet he gave himself over, yielding and crying out, “More, more!” until I could no longer hold back.

I slammed down into him and suddenly his muscles clenched around my shaft in so sweet a grip for a moment I couldn’t breathe. Suspended in ecstasy, I looked down and saw Nico’s mouth agape, crying out as he came. His hot seed spilled out between us, coating my belly and dripping back down onto his. I gasped for air and felt my own body succumb, falling willingly over the edge.

As my second orgasm surged through me, it seared me with a deep satisfaction and left me feeling solid rather than shaky. I pulled out and collapsed over Nico, breathing hard. After a moment, he tapped my side and I reluctantly lifted myself to free him.

I was lightheaded and thirsty, and only realized my wrists were free when Nico handed me a tall glass of water.

“That was…” I shook my head, at a loss for words.

Nico beamed. Finishing his own water, he set the glasses aside and pulled me to my feet.

“Where are we going now?” I asked, bemused.

“Shower,” he laughed.

Duh. I rolled my eyes at myself. What was I expecting—him to lead me to some secret SM dungeon? But then again, this had been so outside the realm of my normal experience that anything seemed possible.

And as it turned out, the shower was less a way to wash up and more an excuse for a little soapy frottage. Not that I was complaining. I loved the feel of a lover’s cock rubbing against my own, though most of my partners considered it ‘foreplay’ and boring. Nico obviously enjoyed it, however. I watched him with hungry eyes as he pumped our shafts together. I didn’t have quite enough energy for a third orgasm, but it was enough to watch Nico enjoy his, and to feel him against me.

Finished and dry, I dressed reluctantly. It seemed like I’d fallen under a spell when I’d entered the apartment and putting our clothes back on was breaking it. Seeing Nico pulling on a pair of jeans seemed too mundane. I wanted to be able to think of him as some exotic creature that roamed naked all the time. I shook my head at my own idiocy.

“What?” Nico asked.

“Huh? I didn’t say anything.”

“Your eyes are saying it for you. Why the disappointed look?” he asked, putting his arms around me and pulling me to his still-bare chest. “I thought we had a good time.”

“We did! It’s just…”

“Over now?”

“Well, yeah,”

“It doesn’t have to be.” He winked. “You know where I live. There’s no reason you can’t stop by.”

I nodded, but I was beginning to think that once I stepped outside, my whole encounter with Nico might look different. I didn’t think I’d regret it, but I also wasn’t sure if I’d have the courage to come back—especially when Nico had awakened so many passions inside me I hadn’t even acknowledged before. Already I was envisioning expanding my horizons further, and it was unnerving.

What would it feel like to be with two lovers at once? Or to have one man hold me down while another took me from behind, spanking me all the while?

Oh god, where had that come from? I swallowed.

“I’d like it if you dropped by again,” Nico said in reply to my hesitation. He tilted his head so that his dark bangs fell across his face. As he gazed at me through the fallen locks, my pulse raced anew just looking at him. I sighed. It was hopeless. I was already hooked.

“All right,” I replied.

A wide, happy grin spread across Nico’s face and he smacked my bottom for good measure. “Glad to hear it.” Then, as if reading my thoughts, he added, “I can have some other friends join us next time too, if you’re interested.”

I blushed. He laughed.

Nico walked me to the door, but before opening it for me, he bade me turn around, my palms against the cool wood. By the time I left, my bottom was considerably sorer and my grin much brighter. I felt I had to concede that maybe Valentine’s Day wasn’t so bad after all.

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